I’m Crimson and thanks for stopping by at my blog ^^

Since this blog opened up for business it’s gone through many many changes, those who have followed me the longest would know. It’s gone from an anime only blog to encompassing books, games, and basically a little bit of everything.

And because of that, this blog is now Crimson Blogs. Blogs about what? Well, you’ll have to explore to find out!

But here’s a little push to start your journey

  • Feeling brave? Check out a Random Post
  • I’m a sucker for books, hence the reason why my recent book posts are in the featured section
  • More of a lists person? Got a little of that here too

Quick warning: I’m a fujoshi, which means I like Boy’s Love, Yaoi, Guy on Guy (whatever you want to call it) and it’s apparent in my posts. But don’t worry, I keep things SFW