Ep #3: Lady, La Vendedora de Rosas (Seller of Roses) Mid-season Impression

Hey guys! So this is a podcast specific episode. Meaning I won’t be posting about this show on the blog at all. My reason? It’s not really an anime (it’s a Spanish Drama) and plus, I had more fun just talking to my phone about it LOL

This is like a mid-season first impression/review of the show. It’s a Spanish Drama called Lady, La Vendedora de Rosas (Lady, Seller of Roses) and it’s based on the true story of Leidy Tabares. I forgot the number while recording but this series is 78 episodes long. Minor spoilers (I tried not to go too into detail about the show but there’s some things I felt I had to talk about to really get some of my feels across)

p.s. This podcast can now be found at the following places!

Thanks for stopping by and if you’re listening on Anchor, let me know if the breaking of the audio is better or if it wasn’t something you cared about, etc. I decided to do that in this episode because there isn’t really a way to “fast forward” on Anchor (unless you press the 15 second button a few times)

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