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[katsudeku] DRAFT: omake to new oneshot

Uraraka was sipping on her tea when she noticed a small package addressed to her best friend. Or at least she assumed so because written across the middle in bold letters was “To that freckled nerd”. She felt a grin tug at her face and immediately tried to spot him on the main floor, aware that sometimes he would just disappear between the stacks (she’d found him dozens of times with his nose between a book). After a few minutes, she spotted his messy hair poking out of the romance section and she couldn’t help but giggle. Typical

“Izuku!” she stage whispered. It took a few more name callings and a psst to finally get his attention. He sent a surprised look in her direction and quickly bounded over, the book he had been looking through forgotten. Continue reading [katsudeku] DRAFT: omake to new oneshot

[katsudeku] a deal of a lifetime ch2 #twinstarsweek

Izuku was allowed to leave the forsaken cell he’d been staying in for nearly two days soon after making his deal with Katsuki. He’d assured the blonde that he wouldn’t leave, not because he didn’t want to but because the deal they’d made would make it impossible for him to run until he went through with it. That seemed to pacify the Prince. As a last request, Izuku asked if he could be let outside to recuperate

“I won’t be much help if I can’t even walk straight,” he’d argued. Katsuki seemed reluctant but nodded. They’d gone to the palace garden and Izuku all but rolled on the grass, breathing in the scent of Nature and digging his fingers in the dirt.

Magic began to flow into his body and he could hear Katsuki gasp. Part of Izuku was afraid to turn and see the disgusted and horrified look on the human. He’d seen it many times so instead, he focused on getting better. His throat was healed and the iron toxins removed from his body.

He was sure they were outside for at least an hour before Katsuki grunted, “We need to go back inside.”

Izuku had only nodded, walking over to the blonde man. With his energy restored his mind seemed to buzz at his new surroundings. While not the first time he’d been around humans, it was the first time he’d been outside the forest for such an extended amount of time. Usually, the humans that he interacted with ventured into the forest, not the other way around. Continue reading [katsudeku] a deal of a lifetime ch2 #twinstarsweek

[katsudeku] a deal of a lifetime #twinstarsweek

Izuku had been told many times not to wander outside of the woods or too close to human civilizations. He’d always been tempted to, of course, but knowing that he could be the cause of so many lost innocent lives kept him away. He was already looked down upon by his own people for something he couldn’t change, he didn’t need to give them another reason to harass him or his mother.

And yet he still managed to mess things up.

He hurled on the floor again but this time nothing but bile came up. It burned his already sore throat and he coughed. It would only be a matter of time before he started coughing up blood. He had to find a way out before night fell, but I can’t even move, how the hell am I going to escape?!

Usually, he would be quick on his feet but he’d been set up. Part of him didn’t want to believe it. The small family living in the woods had been so kind to him. They bartered fairly, never asking too much from Izuku and in return, Izuku would sometimes sneak in a little extra help. It was something he’d been told never to do. Another fault in his genetics it seemed

It must have been people from the palace, Izuku wheezed. Only the King had Wizards that powerful in his service. He’d heard the rumors about magical beings being persecuted, but he had been sure he was safe. Izuku had always made sure he kept to his information, Unless someone lied. Made a bad bargain.

It had been years since Izuku had made such a mistake. At least this time it was only him who was affected. He was sure his mother would be worried but as long as she was safe, that’s all that mattered. Continue reading [katsudeku] a deal of a lifetime #twinstarsweek

[izu&katsu] izuku’s new pup #twinstarsweek

Izuku didn’t think taking care of a dog would be this hard. He knew a lot of his friends had pets of their own and after some encouraging words, pats on his back, and slight pushing from Uraraka, he’d finally decided to get a dog. A husky to be exact. A cute golden one with red eyes and a penchant for mischief.

Uraraka had actually gone with him to buy him. They’d already gone to five different stores because Izuku wanted to find “the right one” (you aren’t going to marry it, silly!) and Izuku had been so sure as soon as they locked eyes. In fact, if anyone asked he would claim the little rascal practically begged Izuku to take him home

The little pup had been roughhousing with another from his litter and Izuku had fallen in love. Uraraka had made a face after she’d tried to pet the husky and nearly had her arm bitten off (are you sure Izuku? i’m sure we can find a nicer one…). And Izuku was sure even though Katsuki, as the store owner said he’d been named, also tried to bite off his arm. They all struggled a bit trying to get him into a kennel but Izuku had never been so pleased with a purchase. Now he could take loads of pictures and be part of the #petsofinstagram he’d always been (secretly) jealous of!

The first few days panned out exactly like he expected. Katsuki was untamable and he’d often found all his things chewed up and scratched. The sofa had been scratched up (did you get a cat? Todoroki asked during that one video call), any clothing he’d leave on the floor in an open space somehow had more holes than necessary, and his All Might blanket that he had owned since he was a child had to be put away for good (like hell he’d throw that away). He’d also completely forgotten to ask the owner if Katsuki was potty trained and found out the next morning when he stepped on some poop. That had woken him up. Which then led to Izuku inspecting his house and finding lots of pee everywhere… Continue reading [izu&katsu] izuku’s new pup #twinstarsweek

[katsudeku] “i don’t like when he fights” shouto confessed [ch2]

so i’m here like a year early, writing the next chapter to this mermaid au. i just got an enthusiastic response on ao3 that i ended up writing this!

things to note:
– i only have a slight idea of where this is going! everything before this was uplanned (like everything i write tbh)
– i feel like my katsuki so far has been really subdued. i think canon katsuki is so explosive and violent bc of the attention he got over his quirk but since no quirks in this au *shrugs* still, i do plan to have him be a bit rougher once he’s older 😉
– if you’re wondering what happened to “chapter 2” it was merged with ch1, it just made more sense to have them be a whole. this chapter here is a six-year time skip that i felt i couldn’t make due without because it introduces something i feel is important

enjoy~ Continue reading [katsudeku] “i don’t like when he fights” shouto confessed [ch2]