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[RiRen] Levi can’t help but wonder how Eren knew his underground alias #songifc

ok so this is an old story as well. i decided to post it on here after i read it in 2019, similarly to Starring Role (EreRi), this is also a songfic (although it didn’t go through as much editing). i couldn’t find the right song on soundcloud so here is the youtube video i linked on my ao3

  • this fic is more levi & eren (vs. levi/eren)
  • eren is a toddler with memories of a past life
  • levi is older and knew eren’s family
  • why is eren with levi? good question. eren’s family is ok
  • will this ever be completed? good question. if i ever get the urge to come back to it, otherwise it’s just a drabble
  • this was inspired by the song sweat it out

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[EreRi] Levi loved Eren the moment he first laid eyes on him #songfic

i randomly started listening to one of my spotify playlists from eons ago and on this playlist i have the songs lies and starring role by marina and the diamonds. nostalgia hit me in the gut and then i remembered i had an eren and levi fic that i wrote based on one of these songs. i also realized it wasn’t on this blog so i decided to remedy this

  • there is nothing super explicit here but it’s implied eren and levi have a sexual relationship (the most explicit is the first paragraph)
  • this is based on the song “starring role” and it’s not a happy song
  • levi is younger, i never really gave the characters set ages so i’ll do it now. levi ranges from 15 to 18 and eren is eight years older
  • i’ve edited this story so typos have been fixed (to the best of my abilities) and hopefully, it flows better as well. i’ve also changed hange’s pronouns to they/them
  • i forgot hs students don’t operate like uni classes…let’s pretend they do
  • i don’t want to spoil anything but i’ll tag this as destructive relationship

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[Ereri] Levi has amnesia and Eren is heartbroken

originally i wasn’t going to add this to the blog because it was short but i recently went back to read it and i liked it and ok, it’s here now, lol.

  • i randomly wrote this one day
  • levi is older than eren by ten years
  • on ao3 i had 2 chapters for this but i just put it all together in one post
  • the story is incomplete. will it ever be completed? probably not (unless i decide to pick it up in the future)

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[RiRen] Levi has been gone from the city for two days, only to come back to chaos

ohmahgooooooodddness so here’s another First meeting oneshot! i just really wanted to do something with creatures and blood and fantasy and Danger lolol

things to note:
– there’s a writer on ff.net who really liked this and did a story based on it! the first chapter is basically this and the rest is their story, go check it out! that should be the only place you might find this story by a different person
– i really really want to continue this but i’m not even sure if that’s going to be possible bc i tend to jump to other hells pretty quickly
– if anyone has read mugen spiral by Kusanagi Mizuho, the dog that levi has is basically the dog spirit that the protagonist has protecting her
– warnings for slight gore? i mean, there’s a dead body and i kind of describe how dead it is lolol darker, mildly “sexual” content near the end. i’d say it’s still somewhere in the teenage range

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[RiRen] It’s Levi and Eren’s anniversary

here’s another of the first meetings stories! if anyone is curious, you can find the full collection (and more) on ao3!

things to note:
– this is a modern day AU where everyone is older
– there’s another warning i should give you but then i’d spoil the story! just beware i hear this story is SAD
– one person mentioned they didn’t get what was going on so if anyone needs clarifications, lmk in the comments

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