[Review] Juni Taisen: Zodiac War(rior) Crimson – Reviewing Mercilessly…Or At Least Attempting To

I’ve been feeling rather accomplished lately. I finished three series already and while it took me a century and a half, I finally got out a review for one of these three shows. Now it’s Juni Taisen’s turn. I actually wondered if I should even review this one since it’s been so long and well, not a lot of people liked it. But I kind of wanted to “close” the show on my blog even though I’m probably going to reiterate what everyone said about Juni Taisen back in 2017 (wow! has it really been so long?!) Continue reading “[Review] Juni Taisen: Zodiac War(rior) Crimson – Reviewing Mercilessly…Or At Least Attempting To”

[Review] Sirius the Jaeger: Are the Bro-Feels Enough to Carry the Show?

Hey guys! So I was having a bit of a crisis yesterday over this blog. I would worry but I’ve had so many of them that at this point I’m like ok next. What was I freaking out over? The fact I always ramble during reviews (like I am now) and if there was some sort of secret that I could find, an ability I could achieve to just get to the point Continue reading “[Review] Sirius the Jaeger: Are the Bro-Feels Enough to Carry the Show?”

[Review] Rewatching My Hero Academia S1 in Preparation of S3 Plus Some Favorite Character Fangirling


Hey guys! It feels like only yesterday when I was whining about not having anything to blog about and now here I am, writing actual content. HMM, actually, it might have been yesterday…*EHERM*

It looks like whenever I have nothing to watch, or I’m afraid of investing in something new (because who am I kidding, THIS is why I don’t watch as much anime anymore), I tend to rewatch things. And this time around I am rewatching (and rereading some much needed yaoi) My Hero Academia. It’s a show I picked up 2 years ago (what is up with me and 2 years?). At this point, I can’t remember if I read the manga first or watched the anime. I want to say it was probably the manga since I already knew what season 2 would bring for us (sports festival) way before it ended but I could have probably picked it up after the first few episodes and binged it  Continue reading “[Review] Rewatching My Hero Academia S1 in Preparation of S3 Plus Some Favorite Character Fangirling”

[Review] Kuroshitsuji S3: Book of Circus

Guy, I just finished watching (8/13) Book of Circus and I feel like intense feels punched me in the gut and now I’m just foaming at the mouth…

To start off I’m a huge fan of the manga and knowing that the Circus and Murder arc were going to be animated, I was super excited~ (though also slightly scared because season 1 was a total disappointment) and I just binged on it right now. While I was watching I also noticed a sense of deja vu and then I realized that I’d watched the first 2-3 episodes before they’d been subbed. Continue reading “[Review] Kuroshitsuji S3: Book of Circus”

[Review] Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist

Hey guys! I’m back with another anime thoughts post for Devils and Realists. I actually wrote up a first impression about it yesterday and I decided to finish it today (this morning). I’d recommend reading that first since I’m probably not going to go into detail on certain parts I already talked about. Continue reading “[Review] Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist”

[Review] 07 Ghost

Hey guys! So this morning I happened to finish this anime that I’d been meaning to watch for about a year or so now. The reason it took me this long to get back to it was that the first episode (or at least the little that I watched) didn’t exactly leave a good first impression…But now that I’ve come back to it and watched it I’m filled with conflicting views on the show! Haha (I can’t decide if I like it or not) Continue reading “[Review] 07 Ghost”

[Review] Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun

I was trying to figure out what number this series would fall into for my ‘2015 Finished Series’ and found I couldn’t remember how many I’ve watched this year. I doubt it ever made it into the double digits realm and so I gave up halfway through. But out of all the anime I did watch, which is few, this one short 12-episode show has to be my favorite thus far! Continue reading “[Review] Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun”

[Review] Aldnoah Zero S1 + S2

Spoiler Warning: I tried not to write anything too spoilery but I may have failed (especially towards the end of this), sorry! (๑•́ㅿ•̀๑)

After so long I can finally say that I’ve finished watching Aldnoah Zero, but seriously, this series broke my heart! So I’m not really a fan of space and robot fights (because I can’t follow what’s going on half the time) but A/Z just blew me away. I am so glad and so mad that I watched this that I’m crying tears of blood right now Continue reading “[Review] Aldnoah Zero S1 + S2”