These are all the manga reviews I’ve written anywhere in the WordPress community. After contemplating for many many days (which then somehow turned into years), I think I finally found a way to arrange this page! Also, if anyone is curious, I’ve reviewed and read tons more manga and you can find out which ones on my Goodreads Profile

Manhua, manhwa, webtoons, and comics will also be listed here. Once I’ve accumulated a good amount, they will get their own page

p.s. Titles are sorted relative to each other, so even though I may rate a book individually a 4/5, it may still end up in the Passable category in relation to all the other manga I’ve read


The manga listed here are some that I REALLY ENJOYED. Ratings for this fall around 4 to 5 out of 5. Anything rated a 5 is probably for enjoyment levels. Also, because a lot of the manga that I read is still ongoing, some of these posts may be “first impressions” (but you know a 5 star series when you read one, lol)

A to Z


The manga listed here are some that I ENJOYED but that fell through a bit for some reason. Ratings fall between 3 and 4 depending on enjoyment levels (ie. If I didn’t love it, it’s probably going to be on this list)

A to Z


The manga listed here are some I think I could have PASSED UP. Maybe they were bad, maybe they just weren’t good enough. Rating fall around 3 and below depending on enjoyment levels

A to Z

Dropped or Still Needs A Proper Rating

This is a special section for my manga! Basically anything I dropped (which are few) or that I am slowly reading (but that have some kind of review on the blog) will be here. Rating for individual volumes, not for the series. I don’t actually know when or if I’ll be picking these up later

A to Z


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