“The You-Must-Binge-Now, The Good, The Decent, and The Passable”

Hey guys! So this is like my 1,000th attempt at trying to organize these reviews and impressions in a neat way. Hopefully I accomplished it this time! Only Anime that has been finished and reviewed will be listed here. For first impressions, check out this category

The You-Must-Binge-Now!

The anime listed here are shows I REALLY LOVED. And that i think you all should check out! Ratings fall around 8 to 10. Shows rated 9 and above are usually upped by enjoyment levels

A to Z

The Good and Decent

The shows listed here are some that I ENJOYED but that fell through a bit for some reason. Ratings fall around 6 and 7.5 (maybe even 8 depending on enjoyment level). Some season 1 reviews may end up here but the following seasons in the The You-Must-Binge-Now! section

A to Z

The Passable

The shows listed here are some I think I could have PASSED UP. Maybe they were bad, maybe they just weren’t good enough. Rating fall around 6 and below. Depending on my enjoyment shows rated a 6 can fall into this list or The Good and Decent. Dropped shows are not listed

A to Z


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