reviews are available for the following topics. anything webcomic, manhua, and manwua are listed under manga until I’ve compiled enough reviews that they warrant their own section. not all of these reviews are on this blog (but most should be)

  • anime
  • conventions
  • fanfiction
  • games
  • manga
  • movies

movies are anything that contains ‘real 3D people’ or are cartoons from disney/pixar. basically anything that’s obviously not anime. if i ever get addicted to tv shows i might give it its own section. in the meantime they’ll also fall under this category. things like avatar might end up under anime (i know there’s a whole discussion on if it is or isn’t anime, i’m just going to put it under anime)

rating. it’s hard to slap a number on a series but here’s a breakdown of how i will be rating stuff. anything 2018 and newer (maybe even some 2017) will be more lax in ratings. overall enjoyment plays a big role

on a 1-5 scale (usually used for manga).

  • 1: why did i read/watch this?!
  • 2: had a good idea but bad execution
  • 3: it’s OK/average
  • 4: check this out!!

the same stands for a scale of 1-10, with anything 8 and over recommended. all fanfiction i review falls in that range. anime and films all use the 10 point rating

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