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OWLS Adore Blog Tour: My Love For the Psychological

Hey guys! Welcome back to another OWLS post. For this month I decided to sign up for the last day of February, thinking that would give me enough time to figure out what to write about. Turns out I was wrong...such is the life of a procrastinator... In February, we will be exploring love and… Continue reading OWLS Adore Blog Tour: My Love For the Psychological

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[Review] Knight of Alanoc by Aero Zero

Hey guys! So it looks like the blog has been a bit neglected recently (oh my) and while I'd love to say that things will look up soon, I'm not 100% sure. In the meantime, I am super excited to post this review because 1) it's my first review request on this blog (SCREAMS) and… Continue reading [Review] Knight of Alanoc by Aero Zero

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Crimson is Joining the #12hrmangalove Readathon!

Hey guys! So I actually decided to put up a video for this one. I forgot to do one for the other readathon I participated in AND it's got subtitles! Someone mentioned on a blog post that we should be more aware of hearing impairments and I figured I'd add subtitles to my video to… Continue reading Crimson is Joining the #12hrmangalove Readathon!