Doujin Pile

Here are all the doujin I own! Most of them were purchases I made at conventions (SnK), some from Otaku Republic (AoD), through Tumblr (AoD), and hopefully (in the near future), I’ll find a way to obtain things at a cheaper price

Doujin are listed by Show and then arranged by whatever order I like. All doujin by the same artist will be placed together and by publication date. If you’d like more info on each book click the image. Information is listed as Title / Circle / Author

Edit: Currently trying to get rid of my SnK titles, interested? Send me a message

Daiya no A

Shingeki no Kyojin

This list is pretty accurate (though I may be missing 3-4 titles) 4/20/16. A large portion of these are R18, so PWP