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Use of: My Fujoshi Life (http://www.myfujoshilife.wordpress.com/ )

My Fujoshi Life is a personal and entertainment blog where I (“Crimson613”):

  • review nerdy content like anime, manga, comic books, movies, novels (and whatever else I may fancy)
  • create entertaining and thought provoking content (possibly)
  • fangirl about really amazing stuff (all the time)

By visiting this blog, you are accepting the following Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) and understand that I reserves the right to change any of these T&Cs at any given time without warning. Please check back regularly for changes

While I work really hard to provide you all with up-to-date information, I make no representations or warranties of any kind (expressed or implied) about any of the products, services, or topics I review or cover. All posts written by me express my opinions and interpretations, and as such are not factual. While I will try my best to cite sources and verify information, I am human and therefore prone to error.

If you find any inaccurate information or would like to know more about my sources, please contact me and I will fix my errors like the kind samaritan I most likely am not

Copyright Policy

Unless otherwise stated, all posts published by Crimson613 are my own honest opinions and words, and cannot be used, reprinted, modified, or published (whole or partially) without my consent. It is okay to cite parts as long as you explicitly source me and link back to My Fujoshi Life and the post you are citing.

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Hold Harmless

All the information provided on My Fujoshi Life is for general information and entertainment purposes only. I am NOT providing any medical, legal or other professional advice, and you are soaking in all my awesome opinions and fangirling at your own risk.

Please be careful as I hear screaming and yelling over 2D characters and OTPs is contagious

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Reserve Rights

I reserve the right to change the content of this blog (which I have done many times already), change the domain name, shut it down, start anew, change the visibility settings, sell it, and change the terms of use at my own discretion.

I also reserve the right to edit or delete any comments submitted to this blog that are offensive, hateful, or vulgar. If necessary, I reserve the right to block users from commenting and/or change the commenting process (ie. I will only allow registered users to comment and/or hold all comments for moderation)

Please be respectful and let’s all have fun and have respectful discussions

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I will do my best to share my honest opinion about all products and services I use, purchase, or receive for free, however, it’s up to you to verify said product/service with the manufacturer and/or provider.

Just because my use was great (or not) does not mean you will have the same experience.

Letters to the Editor

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Phew! Now that that’s all done, please enjoy your stay! If you have any questions about anything I’ve written please feel free to contact me ^^