ICYMI: On the Blog and Browsing My Timeline (End of Jan Roundup!)

Hey guys! So it looks like the first month for 2019 is done and over with. Next thing you know it’ll be December again. Anyone already looking for Christmas gifts? My mom likes to say it’s too early to be thinking about Christmas but I know how time works. You get comfortable with it and then next thing you know it’s 2020! As for this blog…well, it looks like I was quite the busy bee (such is the life of a bored person) Continue reading “ICYMI: On the Blog and Browsing My Timeline (End of Jan Roundup!)”

New Old Domain!

Hey guys! So this is a little random but I was just so excited!! I don’t know if you guys remember but I used to have the domain myfujoshilife.comΒ a few years back. I had to let it go and when I finally wanted it back, I couldn’t get it. It looked like someone else had picked it up but finally, FINALLY it became available to use and I nabbed it

I’m not letting it go this time (hehehe)


ICYMI: On the Blog and Browsing My Timeline (1/7 – 1/17)

Hey guys! It looks like I have a long weekend ahead of me (nearly a week! #thehorror) so I thought I would focus a bit on the blog. Unfortunately, I’m hitting a bit of a block with a review I’m writing (I’m distracted hohoho) so I thought I would switch things up and write one of these roundup posts. The last one I wrote was pretty extensive in terms of posts I wrote because of backlog but I think we’re starting to close the gap with this one Continue reading “ICYMI: On the Blog and Browsing My Timeline (1/7 – 1/17)”

2019 Is The Year I Finish…!

So while I was browsing my reader the other day I stumbled upon a Juuni Taisen review by KiritonarukamiΒ and I realized that I never finished the series! Then as I got to thinking, I realized I was really behind on a lot of series. You see, I have a terrible habit of starting something, liking it enough to keep watching it, and then randomly dropping series because…I’m not sure. I guess I lose interest at the time and then future (present) me will be scrolling through my Reader or my Anilist (or Anime-Planet) and be like Hey, I thought I finished this already?! Continue reading “2019 Is The Year I Finish…!”

[ICYMI: 12/2018 – 01/06] On the Blog and Browsing My Timeline

Hey guys! So it’s been a while since I last did one of these and since I was sitting here bored out of my mind I thought I’d blog.Β Except that I didn’t really feel like watching or reading anything new so I thought I’d do a roundup post! Normally (HA) I write these up at the end of the month but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to write one now (I have content backlog I can share, lol) Continue reading “[ICYMI: 12/2018 – 01/06] On the Blog and Browsing My Timeline”

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019: Stats and Highlights

Read at Night

Hey guys! So it looks like 2018 is almost over. I swear it was just 2016 yesterday, lol. Normally I write up a few posts where I talk about my stats, some favorite moments I had during the year, and what my goals are for 2019, however, this year I’m going to compress everything into two posts, this one being a really short one (instead of the three long ones I used to do)

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#12DaysofAnime: Anime I Plan to Check Out Before I Disappear Again This January

Hey guys! So I recently heard (at like midnight) that #12DaysofAnime has officially started. Today is the first day and wow, isn’t that a lucky find? Know what else is lucky? That my laptop didn’t die on me after it crashed to the floor in the bathroom. Yeah, bathrooms and I don’t really have good histories together, and I may be infamous about having butterfingers

ANYWHO, I thought I’d try my hand at this challenge. I think I tried doing it two years ago? three? and just stopped because I knew I wouldn’t be able to complete it. But I have a gut feeling this time I can! Or maybe that’s just my stomach getting used to American food again… Continue reading “#12DaysofAnime: Anime I Plan to Check Out Before I Disappear Again This January”

What Have I Been Up To?

Hey guys! So I know it’s been awhile since I last posted ANYTHING on the blog. And by that, I mean actual content. So what exactly have I been doing? Honestly, a little bit of this, a little of that, not much of the other. Stuff like that (hehe)


I don’t know if you guys feel like this but when you find an easier way of doing something, it’s hard to go back to writing. Not that I don’t like to write but I have to admit that just talking to my phone about a show and then posting it on Anchor is much easier. It does have quite a few cons, as I’m not one to outline episodes, but it is fun. Compared to that, I have to turn on my desktop and because I’m a messy person, I need to ask my suitcase for my chair. It’s a bit of a struggle sometimes but it’s something I hope to change. I went to Best Buy the other day and I can get a decent writing laptop for less than $200! I don’t really have the greatest track record with laptops but I’m sure things will be different this time… *prays to all the gods out there* Continue reading “What Have I Been Up To?”

The Show That Started Me on the Path to Weebdom

Hey guys! This post is sort of me checking in to let you all know I’m still alive and kind of to let you know what I want to do in the coming days. I haven’t watched anime in what feels like FOREVER. I think since before the last season? I did end up checking out an episode the other day of this boxing anime (at my brother’s insistence) but it just didn’t catch my interest

Though I do have a couple shows I want to check out once classes are out. Right now I’ve only been reading and trying to catch up on my drawing for my art class! As to that one thing I want to do…


You see, I started reading this Inuyasha fanfiction story about Kagome and Sesshomaru (an otp I developed a liking to when I “grew out” of watching Inuyasha). Continue reading “The Show That Started Me on the Path to Weebdom”