gofundme: Canelo’s Recovery Journey

I wanted to share this gofundme that my friend created a few days ago via gofundme: Canelo's Recovery Journey Celene is a friend of mine from high school and even though I haven’t kept up with them over the years I want to help out as much as possible. They were one of my best friends while… Continue reading gofundme: Canelo’s Recovery Journey


Goodbye Until April~

Hey guys! So I meant to write this sooner but I believed I could at least keep up with reading other people's posts...it turns out I epically failed I am currently in Finals Mode right now, which means I have to read at least 30 books in 2 weeks in order to do a couple… Continue reading Goodbye Until April~

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Crimson is Joining the #12hrmangalove Readathon!

Hey guys! So I actually decided to put up a video for this one. I forgot to do one for the other readathon I participated in AND it's got subtitles! Someone mentioned on a blog post that we should be more aware of hearing impairments and I figured I'd add subtitles to my video to… Continue reading Crimson is Joining the #12hrmangalove Readathon!