Weekly Reads 2019 #1

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I last did one of these but here is some content on the interwebs I wanted to share with you all!

Most of it is Pride content since it’s Pride Month:

Also, I’d like to say that Kat’s Touya and Yukito Putting The G In LGBTQ was my favorite post so far! I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us


To be honest, I haven’t read too many posts but when I read this one I instantly fell in love with it. Not just because it features one of my favorite and longest lasting gay ships, but because it made me remember why I love Cardcaptor Sakura so much!

Also, it’s very interesting to read how anime was censored back in the day. I actually never realized and fist pump to CLAMP who made their characters so gay and cute that even while censored, people understood the characters couldn’t just be “close friends” or “cousins”

Other interesting things I found on my Twitter’s timeline

  • Carla knows where it’s at! The 25 cents bin. We used to have hidden treasures in the thrift store mess of a book section but uh, it’s very much declined. Need to find a new spot to rummage through!
  • Katya is doing a giveaway for her books! It ends June 24 and What the Woods Keep is a good read so why not give this an RT?
  • I’m sure everyone’s seen Irina’s tweet but WOW!! 688 days of posting?! I’ve never even made it to 15 days…
  • Rainbow Readathon starts tomorrow!! I don’t really know many queer novels so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to think of a TBR. But who knows. It lasts the whole month
  • People in the Bay Area, please let me know how GRANDEUR by Lake Merritt is! This is a Black Puerto Rican business: “…are halal with hella vegan, gluten-free, and other options for dietary restrictions”
  • This is basically me with gaming so thank you Mo for making this
  • Ok, this is my own tweet BUT news: THE ARTEMIS FOWL CONTINUES?! I’m going to have to read this but yikes, I’m nervous!

Facebook Cover #18

  • If you haven’t heard about the lesbian couple that was assaulted on public transportation by a bunch of brats, where exactly do you live?!
    • Peach reacts to this: It makes me angry, i haven’t seen not a single tweet about this story, not even one.” Peach mentions being from another country and that English isn’t their first language. It’s sad that while this was exploding on my TL, the same may not be true in other countries and cultures.
    • It seems like the perpetrators were questioned, here is more information post-events (also there is a fundraiser going on now to help these ladies out)
    • I RTed Damian’s tweet because I don’t care if these guys are underage. If they had the audacity to beat these women, then they should be tried as adults. Minors think they can get away with anything because of their age, well, I’m not a fan 😡

Also, I just found out that there’s a “straight pride” in the making (or has it been made already?) and just WHAT. I’m speechless


Remember to be kind and spread love to everyone

I’ll see you guys next time! What have you read that was interesting? Be it around the blogs or on your TL on any of your social media sites


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