7 Hours Behind: Atsushi Finally Updates His Instagram…

Whoop! Here’s the next part. This is where things really start to veer off because nope, I still haven’t finished the second season. I should have already but just…I have no excuse

Things that don’t make sense:

  • Akutagawa is Atsushi’s cousin. Port Mafia lacky? Him? Noooo
  • Redhead is Mark Twain. He’s cute! Perfect for jealousy material (can you guess the rare pair?)
  • Our secret photographer…
  • lol, I’ve not gone to Spain, I hope I’m not butchering things up
  • what the heck am i even writing…

Let’s just accept the madness

7 Hours Behind

Chapter 2: Jealousy

One of the first things Dazai learned about Atsushi was that his boyfriend loved to take pictures. Not just of the both of them but of random cats he found cute (Atsushi was his favorite) and the places they went to visit, which often included food. Dazai had initially wondered why and voiced his wonderment at not having noticed this little quirk sooner. He’d quickly been given the rundown of Instagram aesthetics, mandatory couple photoshoots, and with a few stuttered words, Atsushi had confessed he’d been especially trying to hide this hobby from him

He’d been hesitant to indulge Atsushi at first but a few pouts and teary eyes later, and Dazai found himself with both a Facebook and Instagram account. This is also when he’d found out why he’d been the last to know about Atsushi’s photographer habits. Even before they started dating, Dazai had been the center focus of his kitten’s social media accounts

Dazai-san is late again but we’re finally heading out!

We got ramen before heading back to the office

When is he going to learn…

It stirred feelings of possessiveness he thought he’d buried when he’d left the Port Mafia, and it excited him that Atsushi could be just as possessive as him.

So no, he didn’t understand why Atsushi’s latest Instagram post included him, his cousin, and some redhead foreigner! Who, might he add, was a little too close for his liking. Actually, just being in the picture was grating on his nerves and if he didn’t need his phone for work, he’d probably be destroying it right now.

“Stop biting your phone!” Kunikida yelled and then rubbed his forehead, while simultaneously liking the post

“Ohhh they are cute!” Naomi cooed, “Do you think he’s a Spaniard? I hear they’re really romantic!”

“Nah, the guy looks like a foreigner,” Tanizaki rolled his eyes.

Dazai could also be romantic! After all, what was more romantic than a double suicide? Shakespeare was a brilliant man. And Atsushi had never complained about their dates! Also, shouldn’t these guys be on his side? Why were their names popping up under the “liked by” section?! No, he refused to like the picture! Even though Atsushi’s big eyes and light blush were making him dizzy. Also was that the hairpin Dazai had bought him for their anniversary?

“Ohh, Dazai liked the picture!” Kenji laughed.

“Took him long enough!” Naomi exclaimed.

“I’m surprised, I thought he wouldn’t no matter what,” There was some awe in Tanizaki’s voice, which Dazai was going to ignore. He was an adult and not petty. Also, he had to be a good boyfriend and comment something right? But what do you say to pictures like these?

“Atsushi is a miracle worker.”

“If he got Akutagawa to smile, he can do anything, look at the guy. I didn’t even think the kid was capable of smiling. Now I don’t need to offer him up a discount for surgery.”

“Stories are up,” Kenji said and the room got quiet once again.

After the cultural center, which included an art gallery, Atsushi and Akutagawa had gone to what appeared to be a nearby park, since the center was still visible in some of the pictures, and then to eat. It was here where the redhead started to appear in pictures. In one image the two were crouching by a small water fountain like the type you find at playgrounds. Another had the two, and part of Akutagawa laughing…at something. The image cut off awkwardly so it was impossible to see what was so amusing

And the one that makes Dazai’s blood boil is one at a restaurant where the redhead is hovering over a sitting Atsushi. He seems to be reaching over for something and Atsushi is just smiling. Was it too late to find a plane ticket to Spain? Atsushi had asked him if he wanted to join them so it wasn’t like he’d be uninvited…

“Isn’t there something weird about these pictures?” Naomi wondered aloud.

“What do you mean?” Tanizaki asked while moving closer to peer over her shoulder

“Now that you mention it,” Kunikida squinted at his phone, but before he could voice his thoughts, there was another notification sound. The next post brought out more screaming (and some dying noises from Dazai)

In the picture, Atsushi was holding a young blonde girl in a cute dress. He was grinning at the camera, which was being held by Akutagawa (who looked like his usual grumpy self again). The girl was hugging Atsushi tightly while pressing a kiss to his cheek. The redhead had his hand on her head and was standing behind Atsushi. He was also laughing.

A perfect family picture

Don’t ask me what I’m writing. At this point I think it’s just nonsense LOL


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