7 Hours Behind: Dazai can’t remember the last time he was away from Atsushi for so long…

I’m sure you guys have noticed I’m watching BSD (twitter) and yes, my passion for fanfiction writing was awakened last night when I found out that there was a Dazatsu week earlier this year (how did I miss it?!). Technically, nobody said I couldn’t still write something based on those prompts so here is a short 3-chapter fic focusing on all of day 5’s prompts: lovesick, jealousy, and cuddles!

Summary: Atsushi has gone to visit his cousin in Madrid and Dazai is getting jealous of the fact someone who is clearly not Atsushi’s cousin keeps touching him so familiarly.

Beware my sorry attempts at humor, the OOCness of everyone, the seemingly apparent canon compliance when in reality I haven’t even finished s2 of this series (don’t question anything), and jealous Dazai. Also, I’m using character looks to my advantage. Are these possible rare pairs?!

Based on my excitement to be traveling to Spain later this year, my love for Dazatsu, and how funny jealous Dazai (in my head) would be. Thank you social media

7 Hours Behind

Chapter 1: Lovesick

Dazai can’t remember the last time he was away from Atsushi for so long, or rather, he can but he likes to not think about it. Unfortunately, he can no longer say it’s been less than a handful of times, what with this recent trip being number five. How he longs to hold his little silver-haired kitten! 

“To think you’d be one of those boyfriends,” Naomi teased while sitting in one of the lounge chairs closest to her brother.

Kunikida only grunts, “You’re lucky this is your first time hearing him whine like a baby.” He’d given up on “encouraging” Dazai to do any work. All he’d done today was arrive (late, might he add) and wither away with all the sighing he was doing. And complain about work. And whine about how much he missed Atsushi. But most importantly…

“He hasn’t posted anything online! What if he’s forgotten me already?”

Naomi picked up her phone and raised a brow, “It hasn’t even been that long since his last Instagram upload.”

“That was hours ago!” Dazai complained. Kunukida was glad he’d stopped rolling around on the ground but pushing his cellphone into his face wasn’t making anything better (this was one of the many disadvantages of sharing a desk with Dazai) . He was trying to finish up some last minute paperwork so they could all disband and let Dazai wallow in his own heartbreak but his partner was making things nearly impossible. He had dreaded this the moment Atsushi had announced his plans nearly a month ago and he had prayed that things would be different this time (to no avail. Dazai had an uncanny ability of defying God Himself)

“You can’t actually believe he’s still at the Cultural Center. Besides, he also hasn’t updated his story since breakfast. It’s already nearing lunch in Madrid…!” Everyone paused at that. No, it wasn’t because what Dazai said was eerily creepy or weird. These were the things that they expected of the ex-Port Mafia member in regards to his prized Atsushi. Although everyone was surprised he hadn’t GPSed the kid (note: He’d tried)

No, what made everyone pause was how right Dazai’s statement had been.

Naomi quickly checked Atsushi’s stories again, wondering if she had missed something, while her brother nervously looked over to her. They shared looks and then turned to Dazai who was laid out on his desk, his phone still in his hand, nonsense coming from his prone form. Ranpo put down his newspaper to fiddle with his phone, made a few quiet noises, and inconspicuously turned his chair away from Dazai. Naomi could see his hand disappear into his coat pocket. Even Kunikida paused in his work to check his notifications (this was an Emergency. While annoying, his Ideals could wait a few seconds…)

“…maybe the wifi is down?” Tanizaki suggested.

“No, the connection is strong. I just finished submitting some paperwork and contacting some clients, plus, Yoko hasn’t let us know anything is off. I’d be the first to know if communications were somehow compromised,” Naomi would love to say there were only a few moments when she wished to strangle Kunikida for being so dense but, well, that would be a lie. Luckily she had immense self-control

“I meant…maybe in Madrid? What if he hasn’t had a chance to connect?”

Dazai seemed to revive slightly at this suggestion but then Ranpo smirked over at them, his glasses perched on his nose, “He didn’t have any issues these past few days. No, I doubt that’s it. Perhaps he’s…avoiding someone.”

At that moment two things happened. Everyone’s phones went off with notifications and Yosano barged into the office, a manic grin on her face as she yelled, “Have you guys seen Atsushi’s latest post?! They are so adorable!”

Everyone screamed.


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