Goodbye Until April~

Hey guys! So I meant to write this sooner but I believed I could at least keep up with reading other people’s posts…it turns out I epically failed

read or die

I am currently in Finals Mode right now, which means I have to read at least 30 books in 2 weeks in order to do a couple of essays. This weekend is actually going to be my last “free” weekend until classes end mid-March (and only because I already promised a couple of things for the weekend, otherwise I’d probably be confined in a library right about now).

Just to be safe, I will be coming back in April but you might see me around on Twitter every now and again before that. Why? One of my essays requires me to read manga and watch movies so I might be dropping photos or updates every now and then 😉

Before I go, I wanted to drop a few exciting announcements!

OWLS Livestream TODAY


Yes! We are bringing back the OWLS livestreams! We will be going live at 4:30pm PST (6:30pm CST). We will be going over the “Adore” tour so come on over and talk to us about our love prompt! This is also your chance to ask about OWLS if you’ve ever considered joining (which you should!)

Our hosts will be: Lyn, Mel, and Marth!

I will also be lurking in the chat and some of our social media pages (providing livestream updates). We will be dropping the livestream link once everything is up and ready but if you want to get a notification straight from YouTube, please subscribe to our channel!

I will be hosting the April Jon’s Creator Showcase


Can you guys believe I was so excited about hosting this that I thought I signed up for March? SO EMBARASSING. But no, I am hosting April so please prepare your bests for me! In the meantime, keep an eye on the Twitter tag as I hear MirrorPurple will be hosting the showcase this month!

Remember, all content is accepted as long as it’s made by you in the month of February~

Until later~


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