2019 Is The Year I Finish…!

So while I was browsing my reader the other day I stumbled upon a Juuni Taisen review by Kiritonarukami and I realized that I never finished the series! Then as I got to thinking, I realized I was really behind on a lot of series. You see, I have a terrible habit of starting something, liking it enough to keep watching it, and then randomly dropping series because…I’m not sure. I guess I lose interest at the time and then future (present) me will be scrolling through my Reader or my Anilist (or Anime-Planet) and be like Hey, I thought I finished this already?!


So I think I’m going to set me some anime goals for the coming weeks. These are the shows I’d like to finish watching and who knows, maybe I’ll remember to blog about them because that’s another bad habit I have >_>

  • Soul Eater: I’m currently on episode 38! Check out my first impression here
  • Juni Taisen: As soon as I realized, I started it up again. I think I’m three episodes away from finishing it. Check out my first impressions here
  • The Ancient Magus Bride: WHAT. I guess I hadn’t realized because I was reading the manga, hehe. Check out my first impressions here
  • Garo: Vanishing Line: Ok so I think I stopped watching this one when they skipped a week. Combined with the fact I felt it was getting a bit boring and wala! I’m gone. But I know I liked it so gotta go back! Check out my first impressions here
  • Shounen Maid: I think I watched like an episode or two when it came out. I remember it had BL vibes so I feel like I HAVE to finish it. My fujoshi pride is at stake here!
  • Psycho-Pass: Can you guys believe I went to watch the movie for this series but never finished the actual series? Yeah, I have a habit of doing this #rip

There are also a couple others I’d like to finish but I think these will be the first ones I get to. I went easy on myself and listed two shows I’m already trying to finish, hehe. I also didn’t mention shows I started in December (I’m slowly getting through them, at a snail’s pace) because this is my backlog backlog

But I’m curious, how do you guys watch your anime? Are you a binge it until it ends? Do you find yourself taking weeks, months, or even years to finish a series? Do those series just end up dropped if it’s been that long? Let me know!

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7 thoughts on “2019 Is The Year I Finish…!”

  1. I’m (meant to be) in Soul Eater Hell with you (I kind of put it on hold for the seasonals…heh heh…and I’m still in the single digits of the anime, but finished the manga years ago). But I have finished Juuni Taisen and Ancient Magus’ Bride, plus wanted to start Garo: Vanishing Line when I found out it was available for my region on Crunchyroll, but it’s sitting in my PTW, waiting for the right moment to send me on a guilt trip.

    If I don’t prioritise a show, then I could leave it for months or years and it might become unavailable during that time. I keep a strict number of 12 shows set to “watching” at any one time to ensure I finish things I’ve started…but occasionally I’ll have a specific mood for an anime outside my priorities and I’ll watch an episode of that instead.

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    1. I need to pick up the manga soon! And nice, that’s a good plan. I just keep piling things to my watch list and i think thats why things never get finished xD bc i just forget about them…

      i think i had this one show once in my ptw and i knew it was on crunchyroll and then it was gone when i tried to continue it recently. i can’t even remember what show it was anymore but i was thinking it was a very tragic moment :”(

      i liked garo vanishing line but then it started to drag a little and then i disappeared, hopefully it picks up…you know, whenever i get to it xD

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