[katsutododeku] Cosplay Kinks: Katsuki gets on an early flight to celebrate his bday. part 2

hey guys! here’s part 2 of this little smut fest~ honestly, i’m not entirely sure when part 3 will be out. that’s where we get all three of these baes in bed ;0

things to note:
– this little series is supposed to have 3 major parts, the one below is part 2 but if you follow me on ao3 you’ll know i wrote this one first! but it makes sense to present it as part 2 bc technically the stuff in early morning call of distress happened first
– there’s some fishy things going on here that i would not recommend doing irl. for example, talk to your partners before adding the 3 to the otp. but this is fiction so *shrugs*
– in this modern day, no quirks au katsuki is a famous writer who travels for conferences and stuff, todoroki is a famous photographer, deku is just deku (i didn’t ask him his profession lolol), uraraka is a talented makeup artists and all that fancy stuff
– other warnings include rough sexy time, swearing, uhm katsuki’s dick, deku’s cute little ass and uh stuff?
– to anyone who read this 2 years ago, i tweaked something that todoroki says bc i sort of contradicted myself #rip
– lol what is a timeline, i mean, was it even possible for katsuki to get that text and get home in those few hours if he was “halfway across the world?” idk but let’s roll w it


happy birthday kacchan!

When Bakugou entered Kirishima’s apartment and found himself face to face with a shirtless Kirishima with dog ears and leather pants, he knew the world was against him and that today would be one of those days that challenged his self-restraint.

“Hey man!” the redhead yelled out over the pounding music, “Glad you could make it! Didn’t think your flight would be in until at least tomorrow morning!”

Katsuki scoffed as he was ushered into the noisy apartment, remembering why he had rushed to the airport nearly a day before his planned flight and fought tooth and nail to get on an earlier one. His eyes roamed the place but all he saw were bodies dancing too close for decency, red plastic cups lying around everywhere, and people disappearing into rooms. His nose wrinkled. None of them were who he was looking for.

“I’m not here to stay idiot, where’s Deku?” he shouted

Kirishima howled, “Midoriya? Of course, yeah he’s in the living room with Todoroki. He’s keeping an eye on him, don’t worry.”

With a nod, Katsuki walked over to the living room, which is where most of the people were hanging out. The apartment lights were off but everything was bathed in purple and blue lighting, Jirou and Kaminari at the center as they played DJ to the party. Surprisingly he hadn’t seen any rowdy neighbors on his way up or police cars parked outside to warn the redhead this party was too loud and was causing a disruption; though knowing Kirishima he’d probably invited everyone in the complex to the party. His red eyes scanned the floor quickly, knowing that even in total darkness, he wouldn’t be able to miss Deku’s mop of messy hair even if he wanted to.

“Tch, what the fuck is he doing,” he muttered, a growl surfacing once he spotted his target.

He walked over to the far right corner, constantly bumping into people but not caring enough to apologize or even carefully walk around them. He could clearly see Deku facing the wall, his short limbs clumsily moving to the beat of the song and the shadow of a figure in front of him. Katsuki knew the person was Todoroki and he was glad to see the two together but that wasn’t what angered him. What set him off were the people standing nearby, ogling his boyfriend, practically undressing him with their eyes (and from what he could see, there wasn’t much to undress)

Todoroki must have spotted him because at that moment Deku turned around and practically ran to the blonde (were those stilettos?!)

“Kacchan!” Deku cried out as he crashed into him. Contrary to what many believed, Deku was ripped under his clothes even though he looked slim and delicate 100% of the time and colliding with all that drunken muscle made him grunt and slightly tip to the side. Luckily he kept his balance.

A slurred, “I-I’m so glad to see you!” rang in his ears.

“What the hell are you wearing?” he growled while glaring at the assholes still watching Deku. Most of them seemed to get the message and turned away, while the bolder ones side-eyed them. Katsuki instinctively pulled Izuku closer, shielding him from their curious gazes. Goddamn shitheads. Thank fuck this idiot’s not by himself!

Deku must have been clueless to all the attention because he just grinned up at Katsuki, a light flush on his cheeks (most likely from the alcohol) and said, “Ochako made it for me, s-said you’d like it.”

Oh, he’d liked it. A lot. Especially the perspective of the picture and ok, he really needed to thank Uraraka for that but then he’d gotten another message later that day, this time from his boyfriend, telling him he’d be at Kirishima’s party in that outfit. With him halfway across the country. If Kirishima was known for anything it was his overtrusting personality and he wasn’t going to chance anything with his boyfriend wearing a goddamn fluffy mini skirt and whatever that lacy open-back thing was that wasn’t doing a great job at hiding his tanned skin.

At least the dynamic duo had enough tact to add a small red cape to the whole ensemble tonight. Something that hadn’t been present in the picture Katsuki had received just hours ago.

“Katsuki,” a voice greeted and Katsuki looked away from the mess in his arms.

“Shouto,” he responded with a nod of his head. The other man was dressed in a simple white button up and black slacks. He smirked.

“And what are you supposed to be?” it was clear this stupid party was fantasy/paranormal creature themed but this half and half strawberry looked like he’d just walked in with his everyday clothes.

Shouto didn’t verbally answer him. Instead, he opened his mouth and two elongated teeth appeared before him. It must have also been Uraraka’s work because they looked very real. And sexy. He scowled at the thought (what the fuck). As if reading his mind, Shouto’s tongue moved along his teeth, his lower lip, and as he closed his mouth, a fang got caught against his plump lip before finally retreating behind closed doors. Katsuki looked up at Shouto’s amused eyes.

“Well, I was just waiting for you to get here, I’ll be leaving now,” Shouto reached out to touch Izuku’s head and the shorter male practically purred at the contact, “It was nice dancing with you Izuku.”

He started walking away and Izuku yelled out “Bye Shoucchan!” while nuzzling Katsuki’s neck

Katsuki rolled his eyes at the nickname, “Come on, we’re leaving too.”

Deku didn’t complain as the blonde walked him through the living room, making sure to navigate through the throng of people this time, and out the door without saying goodbye to Kirishima. In fact, he was too busy latching himself to Katsuki, his hands roaming across his back and lips kissing along his jaw and throat.

“De-ku,” he warned but his boyfriend only giggled. They finally reached his car and Katsuki helped the freckled man into his seat. As he began to move away a hand tugged at his tie, stopping him, and bright green eyes stared into his red ones.

“Welcome home,” Izuku whispered and kissed him full on the lips. Fucking finally, Katsuki thought, as he returned the kiss fiercely. It quickly escalated, what with Izuku refusing to submit to him and god it was so tempting to just get in with him, push the seat back, and forget public decency! He moved away. He had a reputation to uphold (at least when it came to this)

“Fuck, ok, need to get home,” Izuku let go of him and laughed.

It took them only a few minutes to get home, courtesy of them living close to Kirishima’s family apartment and Katsuki’s 15 over the speed limit driving. It was a good thing cops were practically nonexistent so late at night.

As they made their way to the second floor Izuku kept stumbling and after almost tripping them both Katsuki growled, grabbed him around his middle, and threw him over his shoulder. A startled cry escaped the drunken male.

“You better not puke before we get in,” Katsuki warned but judging by Izuku’s laughing and muttering, his boyfriend was fine. Katsuki’s gaze moved to the bottom right next to his face and blood rushed south when he noticed the skirt had ridden up, exposing Izuku’s round cheeks and tiny red panties. Securing Deku with his left hand, he used his right to pull on the skirt a bit but it kept riding up with each step he took upstairs. In the end he had no choice but to grip the skirt over Izuku’s ass, which caused Izuku to exhale a quiet moan.

“Did that menace go to the party?” Katsuki asked as a way of distraction. They finally got to their apartment and Katsuki took off both their shoes, leaving them scattered at the front entrance.

“Yeah, but then-” Deku answered, his voice rising and falling in tandem with Katsuki’s steps, “-Tsuyu got there and we lost them…”

“Shit! Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

Out of reflex Katsuki turned and (thank god) they were no longer at the doorway or near a doorway, otherwise Izuku would be very much unconscious and aching with more than just a hangover tomorrow. A sigh escaped his boyfriend as he kneaded Katsuki’s ass with one hand and pulled his shirt from where it was tucked into his slacks with another. Once that obstacle had been taken care of, Deku’s hand snuck into his pants, squeezed just right, and Katsuki trembled, his body remembering late nights of passion and ok, he’d been feeling it since that devil sent him that picture.

“Deku, don’t…just…sitdown,” he breathed out in a rush as they finally made it to the kitchen. He pulled Deku off him and placed him on the island, steadying him for a second before moving on to grab some water for the possibly dehydrated man.

A part of his brain supplied that Deku might be an idiot but he wasn’t stupid and judging by how their conversation had been going since the party, he was only tipsy. Still, Katsuki needed the excuse to create some distance from his awfully grabby boyfriend. When proffered the cup, Deku protested, moving his head away and keeping Katsuki at a distance with his outstretched legs.

“Drink it!”


Katsuki couldn’t help the maniacal grin that overtook his face as he glared at his pouting and crossdressing boyfriend, “Drink. It. Or you’ll get sick.”

Deku only glared back, or at least he attempted to. In all honestly it looked like he was trying to concentrate on glaring, which made the menacing effect dissipate, “Make. Me.”

And let it be known that Bakugou Katsuki never shied away from a challenge, “Gladly.”

He took the cup to his lips, filled his mouth with water, and moved towards his target, his eyes set ablaze. Deku continued being stubborn, not moving his legs and when Katsuki successfully pushed them apart, he turned away, putting his hands over Katsuki’s mouth. Why is he being so stubborn?!

Normally Deku would be glad to have Katsuki “pamper him” since he did it so infrequently so the sudden change of attitude puzzled the blonde.

Their struggle only continued for a few more seconds as Katsuki pried Deku’s fingers off his face and placed them around his neck, pushing himself flush against him before claiming his mouth. It was messy and Katsuki was sure that more water escaped their lips than what Izuku ingested but neither complained. In fact, Izuku seemed to relish the contact as his thighs tightened around Katsuki’s waist and his mouth tried to devour him.

They parted for air but Katsuki followed the trail of water down Izuku’s neck, kissing, marking, claiming, I fucking give up, shit

“Kacchan,” he moaned as he leaned back on the counter, forcing their bodies to part and Katsuki drank in the sight of Izuku laying on their kitchen table, his face flushed (not from the alcohol this time, he was damn sure of that), the skirt he wore propped up by his barely clothed erect dick, and (fuck) those beautiful tanned thighs adorned with stockings. He slid his hands down each leg, “Dammit Izuku, you look so fucking beautiful.”

Izuku purred at the compliment, his eyes dancing, tempting him.

And Katsuki dove head first.

He pulled at the red panties, only enough to uncover Izuku’s manhood and savored the sounds he made. He licked his lips, how long had it been since he’d sucked off Izuku? Too long, his brain supplied and he agreed. He breathed on the throbbing appendage but moved around it, nuzzling Izuku’s thighs, biting at the tender flesh and enjoying every twitch of Izuku’s body.

“S-stop teasing,” he heard from above. He only hummed and sucked on a clothed sack, wetting the fabric and pulling with his teeth, “F-fuck, Kacchan, ngh!”

He could see precum beading the tip and if only he had more patience to tease his boyfriend he would have made him come like this, next time. They both moaned when Katsuki finally took Izuku into his mouth and bobbed, one hand holding Izuku’s hips and the other pumping the base. It was messy and Katsuki used the excess fluids to lubricate and facilitate his job. Muscles clenched and Katsuki slowed down because he didn’t need Izuku coming right now. He was going to save that for later but instead he felt a hand tangle in his hair, pushing him forward.

He glared up at Izuku who had sat up, “More Katsuki, I want to see you suck me off.”

Katsuki let the hand guide him for a few more bobs, before he pulled off and licked along the shaft, pumping with his hand. He pulled back the foreskin and teased the tip, smirking as Izuku’s head fell limp between his shoulders, “I-I, Kacchan…!”

And that was his cue to move away and grip the base. A whine filled the space and Katsuki smirked at the blown eyes that pleaded for release, “Not yet, Izuku,” they kissed and Izuku moaned as he licked Katsuki clean of his fluids. Katsuki pulled the panties back up to “cover” Izuku’s dick and finally his own need registered loud and clear.

He couldn’t wait anymore.

He pulled Izuku off the table and turned him around so he was trapped between the table and Katsuki. Katsuki rutted against him a few times to relieve himself before raising Izuku’s leg, “Can you hold this?”

A desperate yes filled the air and he couldn’t help but smirk. He trailed his hands down Izuku’s exposed back, under his skirt, and under the red panties. His fingers teasing Izuku’s waiting hole and his boyfriend whined, rutting against him, “Kacchan!”

He chuckled, “Do you want me to touch you? Fuckin drive my fingers into your ass and fuck you?” a moan escaped Izuku’s lips, “You know, I’ve always wanted to fuck you on our table, watch you beg me for more as I ram into you. Do you want that?”

“Yes yes yes,” Izuku pleaded, “please touch me Katsuki. Fuck me into this table.”

A grin spread on Katsuki’s face, “You do realize we don’t have any lube, right?”

There was some shuffling on Izuku’s part and a pack of lube and condoms were practically slammed on the table, both of them procured from his skirt. This didn’t surprise Katsuki as he realized too many things had been conveniently placed before him since he found Deku at the party and he felt a sense of deja vu but nothing came to mind, that’s not important right now

He quickly freed himself and then moved his fingers to Izuku once more, this time coated in lube. He pressed forward and swore, “Fuck you little shit! Why are you prep’ed already?!”

“Ahhh, m-maybe I wanted to,” he exhales shakily as Katsuki begins to move his fingers, “surprise you.”

And surprise him he did. Katsuki added another finger and closed the distance between them, his dick rubbing against Izuku’s thigh as he spoke directly into his ear, “Did you do this after that bitch sent me that picture? Did you imagine me getting worked up and bending you over my office? Fucking you until you begged me to stop, my office fuckin echoes, does that turn you on Deku? Tell me, did you use some of our stash on this greedy hole?”

“Kacchan,” Izuku moaned, “Shoucchan, he-AH!”

Katsuki bit Deku’s neck and added a third finger, finger fucking him as deep as he could. He growled, “What does halfie have to do with this shit?”

“F-fuck,” Izuku ground out, not expecting something so simple to leave him breathless, “Shoucchan, he took the picture, then he helped, he helped prep me for you.”

And fuck if that didn’t make him harder and angry for all the wrong reasons! He pulled the panties aside and thrust into Izuku without warning. They both moaned at the contact and Katsuki was surprised he didn’t come from the mental images assaulting him. Shouto had touched Izuku, gotten him ready for his fucking cock, documented everything because if he knew that expressionless fuck he knew a camera was permanently attached to his fingers and it turned him the fuck on

A laugh escaped Izuku’s lips, “does that turn you on Kacchan? Nnn, you got harder~”

“The hell it does,” he lied but they both knew otherwise as he gripped Izuku’s shoulders and started fucking him, fascinated at the way the skirt jumped with every thrust, how the panties strained with his dick in the way, how Izuku’s back arched, his neck craned, pleading him to mark him some more. He latched onto the already abused skin and he knew they wouldn’t last long. Izuku matched his pace but after a few thrusts he began to falter, his raised leg twitching. Katsuki moved to help keep it up, “R-right there! Katsuki!”

Katsuki grinned and thrust harder, glad that their table was an island and couldn’t break, “I-I’m, ah!

“Shit!” Katsuki cursed as Izuku tightened around him. He continued to thrust, before finally coming as well.

They both slumped against the table, their breaths coming in pants. He slid out of Izuku and disposed of the condom, smacking his ass as he moved away.

“Ka-cchan,” Izuku laughed as he turned around and used the table for support. Come dripped from his legs and he moved to take off the panties. Katsuki just watched him bend down and crumble up the garments.

Izuku smiled up at him, “Happy birthday Kacchan!”


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