This is probably the second post I’ve read about this movie (ps Chloe also wrote ANGEL’S EGG: 54 THOUGHTS WHILE WATCHING THIS MOVIE for anyone who has already watched it and doesn’t mind spoilers) and I’m so intrigued! I think I’m finally going to take the leap and watch this movie because all these analysis posts sound so interesting!

The Spooky Red Head

*Spoilers Ahead!*

So I originally had one post planned for this movie. But it was way, way too long and I split it up to make this post and my previous post! My last post is a lot more of me expressing the internal ramble that I constantly had while watching Angel’s Egg, while this one is the more ‘review/analysis/actual thoughts that aren’t me yelling at my laptop screen in confusion’ post!

  1. Thoughts on Themes and Symbolism

    Post 2.4.png
    Firstly, I would like to say that I am so glad that I went learnt about Christianity for 12 years because without it I would have no clue what was happening in this movie, or at least would struggle with it a lot more.

    This movie is definitely an exploration on faith. There’s religious symbolism all the way throughout this movie with things like the story of Noah’s ark playing a key…

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