Drawing in Chicago

Hey guys! Recently (like 2 days ago or something), I got a new sketchbook. For my class I have a regular 9″ x 12″ with white paper but I needed something that I could carry around easily and not in a bookbag because then I get lazy and don’t draw as often. I ended up getting a smaller “sketchbook” (along with other things). It’s apparently called a Lay Flat Journal and the pages are a brown tint. They’re not very thick but so far I like how it looks when I sketch in pen. It doesn’t bleed through and I don’t see my previous sketch because of the color of the page. I also tried it with graphite pencils and I like how it looks compared to white paper. I haven’t tried using paint YET and I’m not 100% sure if I will only because I don’t want the page to crinkle 

I’m not sure if it’s because of the size or the color of the pages but I’m finding it so much easier to use this sketchbook. Also RIP, I stuck my pen into the sketchbook and the cover tore a bit…that’s why there’s blue tape along the spine.


Some of my recent sketches are actually some I’ve done in Chicago. Also, I have this weird habit of starting my sketches on the right and once I’m done with that page I use the left one. It’s something I started with note taking. I just found it easier to have it all on “one page” instead of flipping back and forth between pages. Because I live near and work in the downtown area, I frequently use the buses and trains


I also have a couple more that I did while I was at work but I wanted to share this one because I liked how it progressively got better. I started off at the bus stop and you can tell I didn’t really know what to do. It was like my warmup sketch. There’s even that outline of a car that was there during a red light. Once I was inside the bus I think it got more “bold”. But I was still off with certain aspects (see my note?)

It wasn’t until I got to the train where I started to get a feel for how long I actually had to sketch something out. It’s sort of like when I’m at the figure drawing sessions. The first few 30 second and 1 minute sketches look bad but then I start to get better and the 2 minute sketches feel like an eternity


I actually did this sketch Yesterday. It’s something I’d been meaning to do for class but that I only got around to now. I went over to the harbor and found a place with some shade. It just so happened to be by this ship. Because I need some back support I ended up sitting on the floor with my back against the bench. Part of me really likes this sketch and the other is embarrassed by how it came out. Usually I take note of where my horizon line and vanishing points are at, if not directly on the paper, then mentally. I didn’t do that here so it makes sense as to WHY the ship doesn’t recede and then looks so Wrong. And also why it looks so flat when it’s obviously a bit round at the top. When I realized how bad it was, I just continued it. I felt I’d already added so much to start over

However, after I finished (or rather, ran out of space), I did try to get those points down. I still had some trouble with the length of the ship which means I need to scale it better or get a larger board so my vanishing points are far enough apart. Also, I had some trouble with the horizon line (see bottom right mini sketch), possibly because part of the ship is underwater. It just didn’t look right. Suffice to say I plan to go back and try to sketch this thing again, maybe after Mother’s Day since I need to nab something from my house


Also, I’d never noticed but people like seeing artists doing artsy stuff? While I was sketching, I noticed a lot of people would check out what I was doing. One person walked by closer to nab a peek and another asked if he could look at my progress (then said it looked great, THANK YOU I was so happy!)

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