#TheStuggleIsReal: My First Time Living Away From Home and Not Knowing How to Cook


Hey guys! So here is another post about my college life. At this point, I’ve been “living away from home” for about 2 weeks? Once this week is over, it’ll be week 3. As to why I say “living away from home,” I still go home on the weekends because I have a job close to my house. And even when I don’t, it’s nice to go get free food LOL

As to this post…well, the other day I ended up going home to get some groceries (it’s so much cheaper!!) and I realized that all I had been eating was eggs for breakfast and then a little something random that I would buy at school. Usually something severely overpriced. And I thought, I should start making something different.

Which is how this tweet came about

I got a lot of awesome suggestions, which I wasn’t expecting! I just figured it would be another tweet out in the void so thanks a bunch to Lyn, Mel, and Kimchi-sama!

Of course, then came the problem of actually making stuff. Since I left I’ve asked my mom a couple things about cooking. Like, how do I make rice? Steamed vegetables? Salmon? Meat? Things that I know I eat and that I have eaten at home. You see, aside from never learning how to cook, I also have a sensitive stomach. Ever since I was little, changing my diet would often get me sick, which is why going to Mexico every year was like a nightmare. I would often have to go to the doctor and I would never be able to keep down any medicine. It got to the point where they offered to inject some medicine and I freaked out because needles are scary.

I don’t go to Mexico much anymore so I don’t really have to worry about being sick for weeks. But I do still get something similar when I go to conventions. There are some conventions where I just come back messed up and need to go see this scary lady who likes to use fire to fix me up.

Add to this that I’m kind of lactose intolerant, allergic to peanuts, and am a picky eater and things get a little complicated for me. Complicated because the only food I can actually stomach for long periods of time is my mom’s food (aka Homemade food).

To see how picky I am, I saw this on FB and was like I have to do this! I ended up saying no to 19 things originally but then I looked up some stuff and was like actually…and I didn’t cross off Lamb because it’s a meat and I would probably try it? Or maybe I have tried it and I just don’t know!?


As you can see, there are a lot of things on this list I wouldn’t eat, and even the stuff I would eat have certain conditions that have to be met. For example, I would only eat mushrooms cooked. Or the beets in this thing my family makes for Christmas/NY. I would also only eat Pasta if I happen to go out and eat it with some friends or family. I’m not really a pasta eater. Milk is also something I only eat with cereal (which is rare), I take a few sips if I’m eating sweet bread, and if there’s no cream I’ll add a bit to my coffee. To see how little I drink milk…my first week at school I bought a 1/2 gallon of milk and about half of it went down the drain because it spoiled about 2 weeks later. Butter I also only eat if the bread is already buttered. I’m not used to eating stuff with butter as my mom always tries to use alternatives. Raw fish is only for sushi, and sausages only when I eat a hot dog (which is very rare nowadays).

So what did I end up buying? Not much. I still had some eggs so I was good for breakfast. I ended up getting some pineapple slices for a snack, I bought 2 bananas (for a smoothie, I don’t very much care for those either), carrots for snacking on, avocados (though these are Expensive right now), broccoli, and little oranges (cuties I hear they’re called). It wasn’t until just yesterday that I went out to buy some salmon (oh god my wallet, was it always this expensive?!) and frozen veggies. It’s something I’ve eaten at home and it sounded easy to make when I asked my mom about it


Oh, how wrong I was. I think one of the things that hinders me the most with cooking is that I never know when something is done cooking. The salmon was easy since I cut it up into little pieces but the vegetables…yeah they were undercooked. Something else that went wrong in my first cooking endeavor was that it didn’t taste like Anything. I was told to go buy some seasoning and lemons (another thing I don’t care for). The seasoning is supposed to go on the fish first and then when it’s almost done cooking, I was supposed to add the lemon. My guess is that I must not have added enough

I’m not really sure what I’ll be in the mood for later tonight. I’m thinking of just making myself a salad since I boiled some eggs recently. Plus, I actually have the equipment to make me one! lol.

As for next week, I might try my hand at some meat!


Author: crimson613

Crimson is an aniblogger on wordpress who can't seem to stop fangirling about all the lovely bishies. When not writing content for the blog (and consuming media), Crimson can be found in bed with a hot cup of tea by their side, sobbing over fanfiction (or maybe even writing it)

3 thoughts

  1. While I pretty much claim to be a dreadful cook, I do make perfectly edible food provided you don’t care about presentation (and provided I don’t get distracted mid-way through cooking and wander off leaving the food to burn, dry out, turn into sludge). It is definitely all about the herbs, spices, and sauces. While I don’t keep much in my pantry (the 40 degree summers kind of petrify everything anyway), do always have a whole shelf of jars and bottles of dried herbs and spices and sauces including four different kinds of soy sauce.
    It means even just heating up some vegetables in a pan and throwing them over rice can end up being pretty edible provided you throw a decent combination of oil, sauce and herbs on the vegetables while they are cooking.

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  2. I do hope your next attempts are great successes Shinku-senpai!
    *sends silent support*
    Cooking is just practice mostly. At least for the regular foods?
    (Unless it’s some fancy dish and then it’s pure talent)

    On that list I have 28 things I don’t eat XD
    It’s probably because I’m vegetarian though?


  3. Just keep trying! Practice makes perfect! Read the directions on the packages and many times they have recipes on the box or bag as well. I’m alot older than you and have many many years of practice. I can help😀


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