My First Day Back at School: This Sushi Is Yummy!

 Hey guys! So I told myself after class I would just go home and go to sleep but for some reason I decided to write this post? It’s like, as soon as I walked into my room and saw my computer I just had the urge to turn it on. And turn it on I did. And well, here I am!

I always take a picture like this at hotels, lol. I’m so far up!

For a first day of class, everything was a rollercoaster (in a sense). I put my alarm this morning for 5:50 with the intention of getting into the expressway at 7am so that I could bypass traffic. Of course, that’s not exactly what happened! Because I left quite a bit unpacked until this morning, I took a bit too long to get everything in my car and then I took a detour at Dunkin. Still, I got in at a good time. My roommate was just getting up so I didn’t have to loiter around like a weirdo 😛

And this is the progress on my room! I was really excited about decorations but I also held back. I didn’t want to bring in so much junk and then end up having to store it

Also, I turned my little desk corner inward so that my computer screen can’t be seen by my roommate. Don’t need her to know I’m reading raunchy BL 👀 uh…I mean, heart throbbingly amazing BL

And of course, I have some of my BL titles right behind me. Really this is like my BL hideaway, ho ho ho. But as you can see, there’s a lot of white on my walls so I’m thinking about picking up a couple more posters when I go back home this weekend. Finish decorating it and telling the world I’m an animu fanatic. Which, by the way, I learned a lot of my classmates are! There were a couple people saying they were watching Noragami and Garo and DB Super and reading manga, and I’m just sitting there in class inwardly screaming I AM TOO. Huh, why didn’t anyone tell me that CDM was where the cool kids were

As for work stuff, I’m excited about my illustrations class. Our teacher is really cute and he said our homework is basically to draw every day I don’t even think it matters what we draw as long as we’re working in our sketchbooks. As for my animation class…well, my teacher’s a bit awkward. I feel like that would be me as a teacher, trying to be funny and then having students nervously laugh like haha yeah funny…

But I’m still looking forward to it. So far both classes seem pretty simple and straightforward


And right now it’s chow time~ You know, I just bought some cooking stuff last night and here I am buying this junk. But oh what good junk it is! The drink is just your typical mocha latte, fixed by my adding a ton of milk to get rid of the sweetness. And sriracha sushi!! It’s so good and I haven’t eaten it in forever so now that I have a meal plan I can go get some whenever I want!

Anywho, that’s all for today! I do have an episode planned out soon for the podcast so hopefully, you guys look forward to that. And I’m thinking about posting some of my art stuff because some of you were curious but also to start making a portfolio. Since I’m going to need to eventually

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