OWLS: Free to be ME!

Hey guys ^^

So many of you might have heard about this already (from other members) and I did allude to a community project in my last Blogging Update post, and (well) it’s past December 12th which means I can talk about it some more!

Ever since November 9th there’s been a surge of violence, stress, and fear around the country, and it’s been something unavoidable on social media, the news, and on the streets. Taking all of this into account, an awesome fellow blogger Kausus (OGZ) thought up an idea to show our love and support for the communities undergoing stress over what happened. A bunch of great bloggers were rounded up and here we are now, about to make our debut!


Who are weBlog ToursMembershipCurrent Members

Who are we?

We are the Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect (OWLS)! And we are a group of otaku bloggers who believe that all individuals – regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion and disability – are human, should be respected as such, and deserve love.

Blog Tours

Blog tours are the way OWLS spread awareness. Now if you’re like me and either never heard of these tours or only heard the term, think of it like stops on a roadtrip. On a monthly basis we’ll go on an anime roadtrip where our members will write up posts about a given topic. It’s really great because, not only will we be spreading love and awareness, but you guys will get posts with different perspectives on a single topic AND anime recommendations! Sneak Preview: Our January topic is “disruptors”

All members are encouraged to write for all the monthly tours, however, it’s not required.


Want to join us? Feel free to contact us! But like every group, we do have some requirements and rules


  • Must be an otaku blogger or vlogger/content creator (I mean, we do need you to have a place for others to stop at, right?)
  • Must be passionate about our cause!
  • Must participate in blog tours (again, you don’t have to participate in all of them, but we do need you to be active ^^)


  • Be respectful. We are spreading awareness, respect, and love for all individuals. So it would follow that being respectful to our group mates and readers is a given. Please don’t use derogatory comments or belittle the groups we are fighting for
  • Be an active member. We understand if you can’t join all our blog tours, but please put in the effort to join as many as you can and spread the word. You are joining OWLS for a reason, right?
  • Be responsible. Blog tours require quite a bit of planning and advertising. If you can’t make a deadline, inform our secretaries Arria Cross and/or Crimson ASAP. We do have a “3 strikes you’re out” policy
  • Have fun. As much as we want to spread awareness and love, we are blogging because we love it. Be passionate, proud, and “Free to be ME!”

Oh, haven’t scared you off yet? Still interested in being part of the group? Then head on over to the Official OWLS Site (fill out the sheet, tell us about yourself) and we’ll get back to you (very soon). If you guys have any questions drop them in the comments section, tweet at our Official OWLS twitter page, or message anyone in the officers/members list below~

Also, if you think this is a great idea and would love to help us but can’t commit to joining, then please, spread the word, join in the discussion, tag us on Twitter! Find us on Facebook! Watch us on YouTube! Keep up with us on the Blog!

Current Members

This list will be updated when necessary~




To keep up with this project via my blog, check out the 2017 Tour Stops page and the (new) 2018 Tour Stop page!


27 thoughts on “OWLS: Free to be ME!

  1. Hi! I think OWLS is a good idea!

    But can you explain what’s an “anime road trip”? Anime conventions don’t happen all that often here in Singapore.

    Based on what you have written so far here, I get the impression that the writers of this group are expected to write about anime (or manga?) and the topic of their essays are going to be about love and tolerance and respect and so on?

    Am I right?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup! by that i mean that every month we will have a topic (january it’s Disruptors) so all the writers who want to write on that topic will be scheduled on certain days.

      the readers will then start with one blogger and each person will link to the next one. so even though you start the tour with Writer A, you end up with Writer Z at the end, that’s what i meant in terms of a road trip xD

      Liked by 1 person

        1. that’s actually the nice thing about it, the writers decide how to interpret the topic!

          the definition of disrupt is /to cause disorder or turmoil in/ and /to destroy, usually temporarily, the normal continuance or unity of; interrupt/

          it sounds negative but it can also be positive. take protests for example. why do ppl protest? because they believe that what they’re doing will be beneficial (Code Geass and FMA were used as examples) i haven’t watched CG but i believe it’s about overthrowing an oppressive government so in that sense the MC would be a disruptor for something good

          Liked by 1 person

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