GUYS, omg you are so amazing and I can’t believe I got this notification!!


You have no idea how excited and happy and emotional I am right now!! Thank you so much to my followers and while part of me is wondering why you guys are following someone as crazy and creepy and inconsistent and weird like me /heavy breathing/ another part of me is celebrating and just EXCITED

I hope I meet whatever expectations you guys have of me! And if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to post (more or) about, leave it in the comments section~ I’ll try to get to it as a thanks

And just HI and Thank You again! ( ͒ ́ඉ .̫ ඉ ̀ ͒)


Author: crimson613

Crimson is an aniblogger on wordpress who can't seem to stop fangirling about all the lovely bishies. When not writing content for the blog (and consuming media), Crimson can be found in bed with a hot cup of tea by their side, sobbing over fanfiction (or maybe even writing it)

18 thoughts

  1. WOOO, congrats on the milestone, bringing all the weebs to yard! 😹😹 WOOOO🎆🎇🎉🎊🎇🎆
    Maybe we’re following you because we’re crazy and creepy like you 👀👀
    I want more sports anime, Akatsuki no Yona DO IT, and otome anime/games/manga/drama cds, also more gayness pls 👌✨

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