Ooops, gone for too long~

Remember that I mentioned I’d be going to California back in May?

Well, I ended up going and meeting up with one of my blogger friends! I then came home and drove out to Ohio for another convention (Colossalcon) and then came back home for a few weeks rest. I then went back to California with my family on a 1.5 week long trip and only just got back a few days ago. 

Which means I’m back to blogging! I’ve actually been blogging a bit every chance I get but it’s been reviews about the conventions I’ve attended, which can be read on UnimeTV and a couple merchandise hauls (and less professional convention reviews) on my main blog if anyone wants to check those out.

I attended Acen (5/20 – 5/22), Fanime (5/27 – 5/30), Colossalcon (6/2 – 6/5), Family Trip/Anime Expo (6/25 – 7/6), and Anime Midwest (7/9). I only went on Saturday for Anime Midwest and didn’t write about it.

Ok that was a really long vacation and I’m really glad I’m home with my bed, computer, and internet! How I missed all of these lovelies~

Right now I’m also looking for a second better paying job because my ex-boss has welcomed me back into the clutches of Dunkin Donuts again and beggars can’t be choosers. I’ll probably be writing about that once in awhile because customer service and funny coworkers :”D

Thanks for still staying and I should be writing up a review within the next few days!


Author: crimson613

Crimson is an aniblogger on wordpress who can't seem to stop fangirling about all the lovely bishies. When not writing content for the blog (and consuming media), Crimson can be found in bed with a hot cup of tea by their side, sobbing over fanfiction (or maybe even writing it)

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