Monthly Update: Manga Reviews

Hey guys! So It’s been about a month now and there have been some posts I’ve made outside of my blog. One of the places you all know that I blog at is UnimeTV but I also recently started blogging at OGZ. Hopefully you guys are already following both sites and checking out their content but in case you’re not, here are the posts I’ve made.

The majority of them are romance based stories since I did say I wanted to read shoujo for the month of February (Valentine’s Celebration). I was fortunate enough to read series that I enjoyed and recommend them all ^_^

And don’t forget to check out both sites!


1. Whispered Words: I’m In Love with My Best Friend!

My thoughts on the first volume of Whispered Words by Takashi Ikeda. This is the first yuri manga that I’ve completely read and that I haven’t cringed at because oh god what are you putting where?! It was a very adorable read and I plan to continue reading the next volume!

2. Demon Love Spell: Falling For An Incubus

While I haven’t finished reading the series (only read 3 volumes), I was impressed by how many times this made me laugh. I really enjoyed reading about these characters and definitely plan on continuing. I believe my library has a couple more volumes! As a note, the mention of sex is abundant though it’s not graphic

3. Tokyo Babylon: A Story of Tainted Cherry Blossoms

This is actually a manga I’ve read a couple times already, and even though I know what’s coming, I always end up surprised, hurt, and just overall emotional. The only warning I have for this is that it’s shounen-ai but if possible, I wouldn’t let that be a deciding factor because there’s just so much more to this! A definite recommendation!

4. Mugen Spiral: From Demon Prince to Black Kitty

A very short 2 volume story, Mugen Spiral was a very adorable read. I did have some issues in terms of development and just my need to learn more about the demon world/what’s going to happen plotwise, but for something shoujo I guess that’s fine. The relationship between our protags was really nice, especially in the second volume where it was easy to tell that they both liked the other!

5. Servamp: Making A Contract with A Lazy Cat

This is where we finally leave the romance boat and jump into some action! While I do recommend checking out this story, I also feel pretty meh about it. I’d probably say leave this for when you don’t have anything to read. It’s just that the main character doesn’t sit well with me because of how pushy he is, but considering there’s a crazy guy after our protags, there’s not much they can do but fight back. I did really enjoy the art, especially the design for Kuro, our lovely cat Vampire.

Otaku Gamer Zone

1. Dimension W: The Manga vs The Anime

I actually didn’t know that the anime was adapted from a manga but when I found this on Amazon I just had to get it. Originally, this was supposed to be a review of the manga but I couldn’t help compare the two and so this ended up being a comparison. I definitely recommend the manga, especially if you’d like to see a different mood and extra bits of info. Not to mention those expressions…kekeke!

I also wrote up an introduction on OGZ if anyone is interested. It just tells a bit about me, where I blog, some anime history, and my goals as a writer/editor for OGZ 🙂

PHEW! Ok, that was a few extra posts than I though, but I guess that’s what happens when I forget to update you all for two months. Hopefully you guys enjoy the posts

Until next time~


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