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Hey guys!

 : So I recently realized that I hadn’t been keeping you all updated on my posts over at UnimeTV. I know I’ve gotten a few more followers since then so I’ll just repeat: I started blogging over at UnimeTV at the end of summer 2015 and sometimes I write posts that are different from what I do here at My Fujoshi Life. If there’s anything you’d like to see more of, we do take requests!

Currently we have Reviews, Lists, Manga ExplainedOtaku University, and Unnecessary Science. The last three are our special columns that I definitely recommend if you want to check out something other than reviews.

Now, I know a couple of you are actually followers of Unime, thanks so much for checking us out! (or for checking me out if you were at Unime first haha)

Here are the posts I wrote up since…November! Click on the pictures to be taken to the article and enjoy~


Millennium Snow Vol 1 [Thoughts]

Millennium Snow is a four volume vampire and werewolf manga by Bisco Hatori, the creator of the much loved and known Ouran High School Host Club. 

The story starts off by introducing the female protagonist, Chiyuki who has been constantly in and out of the hospital since she was born because she has a weak heart. Chiyuki also mentions that on the day of her birth her death had already been decided – it was unlikely that she’d live past the age of fifteen. 

Now seventeen, Chiyuki’s life is confined to the hospital, however, it’s there that she meets a boy in blakc named Toya. A vampire, he claims, and Chiyuki can’t help but find him strange. After all, what kind of vampire dislikes blood?

I actually plan to rant about this manga later on, centering around Chiyuki. It’ll be posted on my blog 🙂


Recommended or Not? Con-Alt-Delete Anime Convention


Thursday on Twitter, I noticed that Vic Mignogna posted a tweet saying he was on his way to Chicago forCon Alt Delete. For those that don’t know, Con Alt Delete is an anime convention located near Chicago (I’d like to emphasize this, it’s sort of become a pet peeve of mine) in an area called Rosemont, IL. It’s run byanimecon.org and Ryan Kopf, who are the people that also bring us Anime-ZAP (Peoria, IL), QC Anime Zing (Davenport, IA), AniMinneapolis (Minneapolis, MN), Anime Midwest (Rosemont, IL), and Meta Con (Minneapolis, MN). And they’re going to start another convention in Columbus, Ohio called Yoi-Con!

As you can see these guys are pretty busy throughout the year, having their first convention in January (Anime ZAP) and going all the way to the end of the year with Con Alt Delete!

Now then, after seeing Vic’s tweet, I thought, this convention is practically down the street (compared to others that I’ve attended), I should go! And so I did, however, because I didn’t plan to attend from the beginning, I was restricted by my job and had to commute whenever I got out. Because of this, I couldn’t attend any panels before noon and I also didn’t go Sunday.


Dear Santa: 10 Things a Fujoshi Wants for Christmas

Dear Santa,

I know I’ve been a little rotten this year, and that I’ve stalked and kidnapped a smol person, but I really REALLY want some stuff this Christmas. I know I said this last year too but this year I’m even more serious.

I know some of these things may be hard to wrap and maybe you can only find them in certain places (like Japan) but I’d be immensely grateful if I got at least one of these beauties for Christmas this year.

I’ll even let you borrow some of these if you want 😉

COMING SOON: Santa was indeed nice on Christmas and I actually got quite a few doujin! I’ll be showing you all my new books as soon as I can possibly get them on here! If you follow me on Twitter, you may have already seen them :3

AniName Exchange: Gakuen Alice

I’m sure you all heard from my fellow bloggers here at Unime, but for Christmas we decided to do a variation of Secret Santa! All participants submitted an anime show that they believed others would enjoy with the restriction of 25 episodes and nothing that would make us uncomfortable (I guess that ruled out all the yaoi! haha). And thanks to Robot’s (Raffikkiz’s) assortment I ended up with Gakuen Alice as my assigned show 😀

Now then, Gakuen Alice is an anime show spanning 26 episodes that ran from 2004 to 2005. It was produced by Aniplex, Group TAC, and Sogo Vision and falls into the genres Comedy, Magic, School, and Shoujo. As for why I’m stating all of this, as part of the AniExchange, we’re supposed to guess whose anime we were given. From this alone I’ve already garnered a guess!

Though even without this information, just the look of it made me think of a certain person. Of course, I could be very VERY wrong in my guess~

And that’s all I have for now! I’ve also scheduled a post for tomorrow about Servamp, the first manga of the year! It’s rather brief but I do plan to continue it so I’ll be ranting some once I get another volume or two.

Thanks and enjoy~



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