Day 25: An acoustic song you love

Hey guys!

It’s now nearing midnight but here is my post for day 4! Today’s prompt is an acoustic song you love. To be honest, I’m not even sure what this means, to me the word ‘acoustic’ just means guitar so…hopefully I’m not picking an incorrect song. I did look up the word but honestly, anything music related (instruments and terminology) just escape me…

But here are my picks! Hopefully you enjoy them~

I actually stumbled upon her music earlier this year and really like a couple of them, this one being one of my favorites. There’s also another one that I frequently listen to called How to be a Heartbreaker, but I don’t think I’ve heard an acoustic version of it…haha 

It’s a fun song though so I recommend checking it out 🙂

Here’s a song I picked because it reminds me of some friends from high school. They introduced me to many artists and this was one of them, specifically this song 🙂

Though I think it sounded different back then…haha, still sounds okay though

A song I listen to every now and then but one I enjoy just as much as the others! I think I randomly found this one a few years back when I actually frequented YouTube. I would listen to one song and then check out a video from the sidebar and I’d go on until I’d deviated so much from what I originally checked out…and then I found this song, haha

I would definitely check out more of her songs.

Now, for an anime song…I don’t think I’ve heard many acoustic songs or even version. I usually only listen to the original if I like it and if I do check out covers I think they use the instrumental.

I do have this one which is really short…but I’m not sure if it’s acoustic?

Ah, it’s been so long since Death Note

And last I have a piano piece! Hopefully it counts (because if it doesn’t then I don’t really have anything >_<). This is actually my first time listening to it and it’s IMPRESSIVE

That is all I have for today! Hopefully you liked at least one of the song’s I’ve left for you all :3

And if you have any anime acoustic suggestions, please leave me links! Have a great night/day


Author: crimson613

Crimson is an aniblogger on wordpress who can't seem to stop fangirling about all the lovely bishies. When not writing content for the blog (and consuming media), Crimson can be found in bed with a hot cup of tea by their side, sobbing over fanfiction (or maybe even writing it)

6 thoughts

  1. Acoustic work is primarily music that is not using electric instrumentation. Being acoustic guitar based is one example but it can also be featuring piano work and cello work in the background. While instrumental music would be music without any vocals. The Death Note piece counts as acoustic, yes, and the Tokyo Ghoul is a nice instrumental piece. Thanks for sharing. I didn’t take you for a fan of Country music. Interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i don’t usually listen to country music haha (in fact, i didn’t know I listed a country song…is it the christina perri?)

      ahhhh, that’s what I was imagining, so would kanon wakeshima count as acoustic? I mean, it’s a cello piece but I do know there’s other sounds I just don’t know what they are @_@ lol

      that’s what I figured the TG one was but I put it down anyways >_> (bc i thought it sounded cool)


      1. Christina Perri, that’s the one. I actually don’t even listen to Country music all that much. But from the music I have heard that is country that is the style of singing most commonly used. Very thickened, slow, and vocalized in a way so as to stretch whatever they are singing. To be honest, I don’t really like it. I want to so much but I cannot make myself like it. But I could tell from the way she sings (which is very good) that for those who who enjoy this type of music she is sure to be a pleaser. She’s got a good singing voice.
        -Haven’t heard any Kanon Wakeshima but if it was cello music that is not electric and with some vocals even, then yes.

        Liked by 1 person

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