Day 23: A cover song

Hey guys!

Today’s prompt is cover music! I actually listen to very little cover music. I can probably count the amount of people I know who do covers on one hand so I thought I’d just share something from every person! 😀

First up is LynLyn doing Real Slim Shady by Eminem 🙂 Lol (jk, unfortunately). I will say that she should totally do music covers, she’d be a hit, especially with stalkers like me…*hint hint*

As for the actual first person on this list: Pellek. I believe he does anime covers but rearranges them so that the songs fall more in the realm of rock. My favorite of his is actually the opening song for Tokyo Ghoul!

Sometimes when I listen to this song I actually hear him singing rather than the actual band, haha, I totally recommend checking out his other videos! 

Next up is Yuri Fox! He actually does covers in Spanish and I haven’t decided if I like all his covers (or even a big portion). I know I listened to like three of his videos but only really liked one so….yeah, haha. Sometimes I think I just like the lyrics and the fact that they’re in Spanish…

Here is the opening for Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus 😀

And last in the anime department (but most certainly not least) is ilonqueen!! I actually really like all her videos (even the non-anime related ones) 😀 I don’t think she’s got a lot of videos to begin with though…I followed her on Twitter for a while but then stopped >.>

But yes, I’m going to leave a couple videos, hehehe. The first is from Future Diary

And here is another Tokyo Ghoul cover! Because I’m a total Tokyo Ghoul fan. I just listened to this again and I hadn’t noticed her voice echoing at the beginning. Oh, and this was the first video I watched from her channel, recommended to me by my brother (he’s the one usually recommending music).

As for the stuff she writes on the papers, she’s saying that if you liked her video please give it a like and to share with your friends. And if it’s your first time watching to subscribe to her channel, be part of the kingdom (#ilonkingdom). And the last video for the anime section is Ignite from Sword Art Online!

I decided to pick this video from her YouTube because I recently bought the Eir Aoi CD and I thought it’d be nice to include it here! They’re both really good though I do prefer the original, having seen Eir Aoi’s stellar performance at AWA!

For the non-anime section I’ll be adding a video from someone you should all be familiar with by now (from my previous answers): Pentatonix, but this time I’ve added a little surprise haha. I’ve got a cover where we also have the lovely and amazing violinist Lindsey Stirling!

Radioactive Cover (Imagine Dragons)

I just have to confess that the violin is one of my favorite instruments to listen to, along with pianos. If I could learn to play an instrument it would be a fight between these two 😛 And because I can’t resist, I’ll add another cover, this time with just Stirling

Cover for Senbonzakura

Not too crazy about the video but I am more impressed with her performance! I also recommend checking out the original Senbonzakura, one of my favorite songs (vocalist has an impressive voice that I wish I could do but I can’t even imagine how I’d go about doing what she does) 😀

Anyways, I hope these weren’t too many videos…now that I’ve broken all of my rules I just want to add a whole bunch of videos whenever I’m excited about a prompt so yes, I’ll most likely be doing this again and again…

Hopefully there was something here that caught your attention (wow, I’m like typing really fast, trying to match the speed of the music, haha), until next time!


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Author: crimson613

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  1. I freakin love that Spanish cover for Unravel, all of that rhyming pleasures me hehehe. And Senbonzakura, what a throwback! I apparently missed this cover of it, which is odd considering I pretty much scour the web for anything related to the song. Great picks!

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    1. :3 glad you liked! thats actually one of my favorite videos from this list, one because TG ❤ and the other, well I'm not sure, I just like it 😛 It's probably the rhyming…which I hadn't noticed until you mentioned it haha

      Liked by 1 person

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