Day 22: Haven’t listened to in a while

Hey guys!!

Here is prompt number 22: A song I haven’t listened to in a while. Ok, this prompt here is one I’ve been looking forward to since forever now 😀 Why? Because I want to fill it to the brim with my very lovely (terrible) music, please enjoy~

I’ll start off with a couple anime songs

Come My Way, ending theme for Inuyasha. I just had to add this somewhere in the challenge. Inuyasha was the anime that brought me into the world of anime and so here is one of my favorite songs of the show! There were also a lot of other instrumental pieces I liked placed throughout the show but I wanted to choose one of the theme songs 🙂

R.O.D. Opening Theme. I first watched this show on adult swim when I was younger (and when we had cable). I had thought this was a movie until just recently when I looked it up and it turns out this is an OVA. I did look for the actual TV series but haven’t finished watching it. 

Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd GIG. Another show that I watched on adult swim (huh, all three of these were shows I watched on adult swim…). I never continued it outside of TV but sometimes I just feel the urge to go back to it. All the openings for this show are great!

Case Closed Opening! Ok, so this is one I’m pretty excited about 🙂 It’s the one anime that got me in trouble because I would always wake up at 2am just to watch an episode. Funny story: My mom decided to camp out in my room to catch me waking up at ungodly hours and she caught me because I thought it was my dad staying in my room. As soon as I turned on the TV she rose like the dead and was like, turn that off.

Ouch. As for where I am now…I’ve dropped this show because it’s 700+ episodes, still running, and Jimmy has yet to find a way back to his original body. I’ve bought the English dubs seasons 1 – 5 and watched the episodes where Jimmy is featured (usually flashbacks). I’m also a big fan of the movies so yeah…

This series is great 😀 (but so very long)

Now, going onto some of my non-anime picks. I actually just heard these a while ago, stumbled upon them while looking up some stuff on YouTube (don’t even know what I was looking for).

Stacy’s Mom – Fountains of Wayne. I just want to say that this video is really weird because the main characters are all younglings, chicklings and then there’s the older mom that is apparently seducing the male lead, haha…(Today was the first time I’d watched the video for this song)

Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings. Ah! Another one that I haven’t heard in forever! I’m actually surprised I still know all the lyrics to it (but only when it’s playing, I don’t know them off the top of my head).

Suga Suga – Baby Bash. I actually recently heard this song a few days ago when I sent it to Lyn through an intense Skype music karaoke chat thing we were having with Robot, but I think it still counts because before that it’d been awhile since I last heard it, haha. It was actually introduced to me by a guy I used to have a crush on while in elementary school, around 4th grade or so.

The Real Slim Shady by Eminem. And for the last song I’m going to choose a song that reminds me of Lyn 😛 This is a song that she didn’t sing all the way to the end during our karaoke chat, which made me so sad! 😥 And after I’d requested it so nicely…she did try to make her voice sound like him though, which was very entertaining, kekeke

This was my childhood, haha!

Anyways, I know I left a lot of songs but a lot of these have special places in my heart because they were part of my early anime watching experience and/or part of my childhood/early high school years. Hopefully you guys enjoyed at least one of them 🙂

Until next time!


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