Day 21: Dance at my wedding

Hey guys!

So it’s been about a month since I last updated this challenge and since I epically failed to finish this on time I decided to separate the prompts again 😀 So for today we have a song that I would dance at my wedding.

First off, I’d like to say that I’ve never really thought of marrying, the concept just doesn’t appeal to me, but if I had to choose a song for this supposed fake wedding…then I’d pick…a song related to the anime that I am currently obsessed with. Since I don’t know what anime I’ll be obsessed with at the time I can’t really pick an accurate song.

Also, I can’t dance to save my life so I’m hoping that the song I choose can even be danced to! Haha

But anyways, right now I am so obsessed with Diamond no Ace. You can see it in my most recent anime related purchases, it’s all over my Twitter, and I’m on the lookout for fanfiction and fanart like a maniac!

Instrumental for Grow Stronger Day by Day 

So the original song (which I’ve left a link to up at the title) is actually more upbeat and happy sounding than the instrumental I found, but I thought it fit the theme of growing stronger (and I’m a sucker for sad sounding things). 

I would also like this one, called CLOUD NINE and it’s performed by the VAs of Sawamura, Haruichi, and Furuya! I just heard it and instantly fell in love, they sound so amazing! Lyrics

As for something non-anime related, well, there’s nothing I’m super crazy about at the moment. I figured that if I ever did have a wedding though that my audience would mainly be Spanish speaking so I figured I’d give a Spanish song for this part.

Perdon by Camila

If you look at the lyrics you’ll notice that this song is really sad and is more about a love lost, which is the exact opposite of what you would be celebrating at a wedding, haha. Basically the guy singing lied about something/kept silent (not exactly sure if he cheated) and in doing so hurt the woman he loved. In the end they’re separated and he’s regretting his actions, even calling himself a coward because he couldn’t even find the courage to ask for forgiveness in person (which is what he’s doing in the song).

El silencio fue el engaño más violento
Mi terrible experimento falló
Si te alejé de mi, si te fallé y me fui
Fue porque mis mentiras me daban miedo
Tú me creíste y yo me volví tan bueno


As you can see this is very non-marriage-like music but it’s a song that I like and that is popular so I figured, why not? Wow, this was a hard question in a different way that some of the other prompts were, haha 🙂 Hope you enjoyed at least one of these song!


Day 19 + 20 (Obsessions and New Albums)

Day 22 (Haven’t listened to in a while)


Author: crimson613

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7 thoughts

  1. Haha great choice for the two Daiya no Ace songs!! I like the slower version of ‘Grow Stronger’ as well. Cloud Nine is great! My favourite OP and ED are the last ones though SO MUCH FEEEELSSSSSSS.

    YAY I LIKE THE FACT THAT YOU ARE OBSESSED WITH IT & chose so many songs related to it HAHA 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. you have no idea how obsessed I am @_@ i went so far as to write a mini essay on livejournal just to read their miyusawa doujin…>.> im in deep (oh thats what he said :0 lol)

      I heard cloud nine and my jaw just dropped haha, does miyuki have one?! do you know *___* i don’t usually listen to endings so I have to check those out!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahahaha at least the anime series isn’t done yet and I hope it won’t be anytime soon!! *crosses fingers*
        I don’t think Miyuki has one, but in any case, the feels come with the story!! I always listen to the Daiya no Ace endings cos I don’t want the episode to end too fast lol!!!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. bummer i would have liked to hear him singing :3 lol I’m surprised it’s got so many episodes out but that it’s not very popular? Like I don’t really see people cosplaying and there’s not a lot of merchandise like other sports anime @_@ so sad

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yeah ikr?!?! It’s way too underrated but maybe it’s more popular in Japan than internationally? YEAH TOO SAD it should really be more known lol >< I am hoping for a Miyuki ending eventually ahaha 😀

            Liked by 1 person

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