Anime Connections: Why Rin frustrates me!

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Hey guys! 🙂

So Unime decided to have this ‘weekly topics’ thing recently and for our first prompt we decided to talk about connections. At first I was slightly confused as to what this could possibly mean. I thought it had something to do with an anime that really impacted us and, therefore, got us into the genre but after some discussing I found that the ‘connections’ prompt could be something outside of that.

And thus I decided to talk about FREE!!, the sports anime with all the handsome bishounen who like to strip naked (not really but kind of) and be chum-chum with each other. Now, I do warn that this post is going to get a bit ranty and negative towards a certain shark toothed bishie so if you don’t like spoilers or want to hear me hate on your favorite character, please turn back now!

I probably won’t be too harsh…but I can’t promise anything…haha

I’ve actually wanted to write a post about this specific topic ever since I finished watching this anime but never really went ahead. This is my excuse to get everything off my chest so be ready for all the feels I’m about to impart on your lovely souls (though I’ll try to keep it brief for now…)

I’ll also keep this to the first season though I do have to admit that I had issues with Eternal Summer as well.

Let’s begin! What exactly is Free about? 

I’d actually be surprised if people didn’t know, but basically it’s about five teenage boys (Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa, Rin, Rei) who all have girly names and like to swim. Four of them are childhood friends and the fifth (Rei) becomes a good friend after he’s recruited to be part of the swim team at Iwatobi. The conflict comes from Rin who had moved to Australia to become a better swimmer only to find that all his hard work was surpassed by Haruka’s talent.

Themes of friendship and bonds are highly stressed and in the second season the characters have to start thinking about their future.

I actually had no problems when I started watching this. I binge watched it because I wanted to see more of these lovely men but then the ending came along and I couldn’t take it anymore. My thoughts turned dark…(endings can really make or break a show for me).

Now, what exactly happened? For all the stress of friendship and bonds, Rei is pushed aside just because Rin was feeling jealous and wanted to swim with his friends one more time. I have to admit that Rin wanting to swim with Haruka and the others made me happy because he’d been a douche ever since he first appeared (dismissing Makoto and Nagisa because their swimming was obviously inferior to his swimming prowess -_- like chill, just because you went to Australia doesn’t mean you’re awesome).

He was finally revealing his true feelings and even though he resembled a child throwing a tantrum I was ‘glad’. What I wasn’t too happy about, however, was how his happiness came at the cost of Rei’s.


Rei was actually recruited during the time that Haruka and the others were still in the midst of creating a swim club for their school. Originally from the track team, Rei only agrees to Nagisa’s constant harassment to join the to-be swim club after he’d witnessed Haru’s beautiful swimming form (he’s all about beauty).

Out of all of the characters, I felt like Rei was the one who put the most effort into swimming. He’d started from zero and went to being able to compete in a tournament. This is actually something really impressive considering that all he did was sink when he first began (this is how I swim). Of course, all of his hard work is thrown down the drain when he agrees to be switched out of the medley race in the last episode and Rin takes his place as the fifth member of the team.

Against the rules, their team is disqualified but all is fine because Rin got to swim with his friends again! (NO). I was really upset that this happened because Rei had been looking forward to finally becoming an official member of the team (at least this is how I viewed it). He’d always heard about Rin and even went to Samezuka to confront him, but he was always out of the loop.

He’s so nice and so honest and to see this happen to him completely broke my heart! To think that Rin had all of these treasures since he was young and he threw them away…

If I could have Rei as my best friend I would never let him go. He is just so amazing, perfect, adorkable, and a beautiful person! (Ok now I want to cry)

Takes a deep breath

If Rin keeps to Sousuke then I will have no problems with him, haha! But yes, here are some of the other articles submitted to UnimeTV, definitely check them out to read about some anime that left big impressions on us, be it negative or positive 😀

I’ve also left links to each blogger’s personal blog 🙂 Enjoy


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