Day 19 + 20: Obsessions and New Albums

Hi guys! 😀

If you guys haven’t noticed I am very behind schedule here. In fact, today was supposed to be day 27 and I’m not even passed 20 yet…so yes, please enjoy this very extended 30 day challenge! I promise there will be a post for every day this upcoming week (because I’m going to schedule them! I’m actually writing them all today @_@)

It’s rough

Anyways, let’s begin! Today’s topics (or whenevers actually), is a song that I’m currently obsessed with and a new album I’m waiting for to come out. Honestly, the only songs I’m currently obsessed with are from Aldnoah Zero, however, because I’ve already used up the whole soundtrack for my other posts, I’ll pick something else! (Déjà vu? correct, I’ve done this at least twice before haha!)

So I’m actually going to give you two videos and a link. They are both not from an anime or a video game. Instead, this time I bring you the OST for a comic book by Hamlet_Machine! It’s awesome 🙂

The first is Cockpit: The Reliant

This is actually the 4th track in the Starfighter soundtrack album. The next is the first song Gravitation. According to the tags on the official site, these songs are electronic? I’m so bad at genres I’m sorry @_@ I just know when I like and dislike a song xP 

Please check out the online comic (purchase the physical copies! I’m actually waiting to meet her again so I can get the third book >.< but I don’t know when that’ll be!) and the rest of the playlist! As a warning though, it’s an 18+ yaoi manga, NSFW!

As to why I’m obsessed with these, I’m not even sure myself. There’s just something really nice about these songs and they don’t have lyrics so I can play them and play them to my heart’s content without ever really getting sick of them! It could also have something to do with my remembering the comic every time I hear them…>.>

Of course, it’s for this very same reason that I don’t like some of the songs. At least one of them reminds me of a NOTP and I slam my first against the table and throw the headphones away! NOTPs are serious business

Song #3: For my non-anime/manga/comic book song, I decided to go with Telemiscommunication by deadmau5 and Imogen Heap (Crookers Remix)

I basically like it for the same reason as I do the Starfighter OST, it’s mostly music. There is the whole ‘yeah sorry’ that’s repeated frequently but it’s the music I honestly get addicted to. It also helps that I haven’t heard this song in a while so it has yet to annoy me 😛

Day 20: A new album you’re waiting for

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m not much of a music junky. I don’t buy CDs (or rather I hardly ever do), I don’t buy on itunes, and I only tune into the radio every now and then. Basically I’m completely closed off from the music department!

But it wasn’t always like this. I used to buy CDs and listen to them all the time, etc, etc. Though this was back when carrying around a CD player was the thing xD Now I just wait for my brother to get stuff or I listen in on Pandora so yeah. I don’t have any exciting album news…

However, because it would be cheating to just skip over this prompt I decided to go ‘look’ for something. Also, this one won’t be anime related either 😦

I know I’m terrible, but I don’t even know where to look for new anime related album releases…but since I know that Pentatonix is coming out with a new album soon, I’ll pick them!

Here are two track from their album, which will be released October 16, 2015

I could not, for the life of me, look away from those people camouflaged in the background. And then they started dancing and I really lost @_@

Ok, the next one I know for sure is a cover of a song and I am so tempted to get this specific track, it sounds way awesome! I mean, I like the original but there’s something about this one that just makes me want to get up and dance xD (ok this song has just turned into an obsession, I keep clicking replay…)

Pre Order on itunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Webstore.

Cost: $12.99

And yes! That is all for today! 😀

I hope you enjoyed these great songs and that you decide to purchase something (support!) if you really like it. Of course, you could also be like me and listen to it for free on YouTube and whatever other sites they’re on for free xD

Until next time!


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