Day 17 + 18: Live Music and Ringtones

Hey guys, so sorry again for another delay! Wow, this is getting harder than what I initially thought it’d be…

You see, my parents decided getting our basement remodelled would be a good idea this past weekend and I couldn’t haul my desktop upstairs. I would have tried to blog from my room except that it currently looks more like a storage room…(had to move all my junk that I had scattered in the basement to my room).

I don’t even know how I made space on my bed for me, haha!

But today I managed to bring up my stuff to the kitchen so here are days 17 and 18! For day 17 we have a song you like hearing live!

Dance of Curse from Vision of Escaflowne

So I’ve actually never been to a concert or anything (which is surprising considering I go to enough conventions that I could go watch one). I did see AKIRA perform live this year at ACEN but it was totally on accident. I had gone to see the fashion show and bam! she was there. I think she performed like six of her songs and afterwards I ended up buying two of her CDs 🙂

But I do have to say that I have a preference to listening to opera type songs live. When I was in high school my chorus teacher took our class on a field trip and I was totally in love with the performance we went to see. Unfortunately at this point I can’t even remember what it was (something about a Carmen I think). 

Song #2: So I actually went on YouTube and just typed in ‘Carmen opera performance’ and I think I found a small clip from the performance!

I think the song is called Habanera…

According to wiki the performance is about the downfall of this soldier named Don Jose who is seduced by a gypsy woman named Carmen and ends up leaving his childhood sweetheart only to not even get with Carmen (because she ends up with this other dude named Escamillo). It ends in tragedy as Jose kills Carmen.

Of all the performers I remembered being entranced by the music sung by the childhood sweetheart but I wasn’t able to find a video so yeah…haha

Day 18: A song you have as a ringtone/would like to have

It’s been awhile since I last had an anime song as my ringtone but I think my last was Zetsubou Billy by Maximum the Hormone (Death Note).

The reason I don’t really remember if it was or wasn’t is because I hardly ever have my phone on loud. It’s usually on silent or vibrate because I’m busy with work or school (and even afterwards I just don’t remember to raise the volume). I also don’t want my phone to go off while I’m in class (oh god no I’d be super embarrassed!). Though it has happened like two times before.

It’s so awkward trying to fish out my phone from my bag, like, I’m sorry for interrupting!!

Song #2: This is actually my current ringtone, Mozart’s House by Clean Bandit.

I try to find songs that are loud from the very beginning since the point of a ringtone is to tell you someone is calling. And it has to be within the first few seconds because the phone usually only rings so many times @_@

I used to have a phone that would let me choose a ringtone for my messages so everytime I got a message a song would play. It would keep playing until I checked my message so sometimes I’d just leave it playing until the song ended. But alas, those days are long gone…I don’t think my current phone has that option.


And yes! Those are my songs, I hope you enjoyed them (and the performance) 😀 So sorry if the post feels rushed, I’m actually trying to finish this up before 10 (success) because then the internet gets cut and then I’ll be another day behind xP

Until tomorrow!


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