Day 15 + 16: Unexpected and Guilty Pleasures

So I know I said that summer and bestfriends went well together a while back but I’ve decided to change my mind. This category is the perfect match! It’s a good thing I have Spotify open because that’s where my older taste in music is at, haha.

Ok, first up is a song people wouldn’t expect you to like. 

This is one of the few prompts that I immediately knew what to put in here, and it’s based on a high school experience. I don’t even know when, probably my first or second year? I was talking with these guys and one of them asked what kind of music I liked. I mentioned that I wasn’t picky as long as it wasn’t in Spanish.

Then he started joking about how he couldn’t imagine me liking really hardcore metal stuff, whatever that is. So I decided to find something along those lines for the anime section of the prompt.

What’s up people? by Maximum the Hormone (Death Note)!

I actually really liked this song and Zetsubou Billy so I went out and looked up more of their music. Really like it, I just wish I could sing it but they’re really fast!

Song #2: For my non-anime song I decided to go the other route. I decided to pick a Spanish reggaeton song, which I pretty much associate as Spanish rap. This song can also apply to the ‘songs that make you want to dance’ prompt 😀 

I always have to ask what the name of this song is, can never memorize it @_@ Danza Kuduro by Don Omar

I decided to pick a Spanish song because I’m always saying I don’t like them but it’s just that I’m really picky. The first time I heard this song was in high school during this talent show thing? This girl and her guy friend (I think) danced to this song. I was HOOKED. To the song and their dancing, though mostly her dancing. Didn’t think people could move like that 😛

Song #3

Ok this next category is where things get a little tough. First off I’d like to say that I don’t have any selections for anime because I don’t think any songs that I like fit the definition of a ‘guilty pleasure,’ which according to wiki is something we enjoy that others don’t hold in high regard.

Since we’re all anime fans here I’d like to think that any song is fine (unless someone knows of a song with obvious yaoi lyrics then please tell me because then I’ll probably like it and all the non-yaoi fans will probably boo me) xD

So instead I’ll give you two non-anime songs. These can count as a songs people wouldn’t expect you to like and a song that is your guilty pleasure. Please be warned that the following songs are very…not nice towards women…There’s also a lot of swearing so yeah, you’ve been warned!

But I still like them so…>.> I’m sorry! I know I’m a terrible human being!

Both are by Borgore and the first is Love (Gagging)

It took me forever to realize what all that gagging stuff was when I first heard this song…I think it was only like months later when I realized what was going on

Next up is Cry Me A River

This is actually the one I listen to more frequently since it’s less intense than his other songs. There’s just something about Borgore’s music that just really pulls me in. And yes, that is all for today! I hope you guys don’t think less of me because of this xD….and that you guys at least enjoyed the first two songs 🙂


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