Tokyo Ghoul: JAIL [PS Vita PV]

I’m going to roll with the TG love!

Found this like right now and I got so excited (even though I’m not much of a game person). Still, just watching the preview makes me want to go out and buy myself the system, haha! And wow, that round guy with the hat :O Just recently got acquainted with him in TG:re!

I’ve linked this beautiful picture to the game’s official site (Japanese)



A second preview offers the latest look at Tokyo Ghoul Jail, a PS Vita mystery game featuring an original story and an original hero designed by manga creator Sui Ishida. Kensho Ono (KuroBas‘ Tetsuya Kuroko) voices the character, named Rio. The anime’s österreich returns for the theme “Luxurious Bone.”

The Japanese launch is set for October 1, and those who pick up early copies will get a download code for a collection of art used during development, a downloadable PS Vita theme, and a code for the “SSR Kaneki” in the Tokyo Ghoul: Carnaval iOS/Android app.

The Crunchyroll article also has a picture of a tweet from Ghoul_game, which I assume is the official Twitter for more info. Unfortunately I’m unable to read it since it’s in Japanese…@__@

Oh and I need to get Carnaval, like right now, but how do I know if I have Android 4.1 or above?! I mean, it says the app isn’t compatible with all of my devices so does that mean I can’t get it?!

Download: Google Play – iTunes

Happy playing!!


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