Day 13 + 14: Shower Voice and Nostalgia

Hey guys! 🙂

Here I have another double post for this challenge, prompts are a song you sing to in the shower and a song you liked as a child! So I actually already posted the songs that I sing to in the shower…which are aLIEz, Keep on Keeping on, No Difference, and MKAliez (all part of the Aldnoah Zero OST)! So let me look for something else…haha

Ah, found one! This is actually a song I really like to listen to and sing to, it’s really nice and relaxing, though it’s probably not a good song to listen to in the shower. Makes me forget the time and then I’ll spend forever in there 😛

Loveless Ending Song (Michiyuki), vocals by Kaori Hikita and it’s composed by Yuki Kajiura

Very pretty song and I actually learned the lyrics to it back when I was…very young? So that my dad would buy me something (he said if I could learn them he’d do so, of course he didn’t know this belonged to a BL series xD).

Song #2 

As for English songs, there’s plenty: Never Too Late (Three Days Grace), Next Contestant (Nickelback), Mozart’s House (Clean Bandit), etc! Sometimes I don’t get to all of them and sometimes (when I remember) I start with a song somewhere in the middle of my thumbs up playlist.

Life Is Beautiful by Sixx AM

There’s something about this song that I just love! I like to sing it really loud too, haha! I’ve left the video that I first stumbled upon when I found this song. I’m guessing I was looking for some Noragami AMVs so while it’s not an anime song I do associate it with anime 🙂

Just open your eyes and see that life is beautiful 

Will you swear on your life that no one will cry! 

At my funeral~ ! ♪♪

Song #3

Hmmmm, a song I liked as a child…I don’t think I paid much attention to anime music when I was younger! Usually skipped the openings and endings but let me go investigate a little, see what I can find xD

Ok finally picked one! I was initially going to pick a song from S-cry-ed but I couldn’t find one that I really liked or even remembered so I ended up not. Then, while searching I saw this show on the side and immediately decided to pick it!

Dragon Drive opening, True by Shimokawa Mikuni

I actually never watched this anime but when I would buy DVDs I’d always look at the trailers and there was a Dragon Drive PV. I liked this song so much that sometimes I’d just pop in my DVD just to listen to it xD I’m a big previews person. Even now, when I go to the movies I like to be there early so I can watch the previews, haha

Song #4

When I was younger I actually had different taste in music than what I do now. For some reason I was really into rap music (is this surprising?) so I’m going to choose Eminem for this :3 After the rap phase I went through rock and then I can’t remember but eventually I got to where I am now (wherever that it).

The Real Slim Shady by Eminem (warning, there’s swearing and stuff)

I actually still really like his music but I also like to think my taste in music has expanded 😛 But yes, that’s all for now! I hope you guys enjoyed at least one of these songs, until next time!


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