Tokyo Ghoul Collector’s Edition [Season 1]

Hey guys!

I was looking through my gmail earlier today and happened to stumble upon this very nice piece of Funimation love and thought I’d share! I don’t know how long this has been up for but if you’re a Tokyo Ghoul fan there is a collector’s edition for season 1!

What is included? Episode commentaries, Japanese commercials, promotional videos, preview collection, textless opening and closing songs, U.S. trailer, trailers, a 60 page artbook, a 40 page blank journal resembling Kaneki’s ‘Monochrome of Rainbows’, fabric poster, 4 art cards, and a collector’s edition box showing Rize and Kaneki’s transformation.

4 Discs (2 Blu Ray and 2 DVD) with episodes 1 – 12

Cost: $97.49 (25% saving)

Release Date: 9/22/15

I really want this but I can’t afford to buy stuff right now, though I probably wouldn’t buy this even if I did have money, haha! For one I already bought this on itunes a little after it finished airing? And even though I said I’d buy the physical copy…I’m…struggling…price…! But I know others like this sort of thing so I thought I’d share 😀

Also, considering the regular DVD and Blu Ray pack costs ~$50 this bundle actually sounds very tempting…


Author: crimson613

Crimson is an aniblogger on wordpress who can't seem to stop fangirling about all the lovely bishies. When not writing content for the blog (and consuming media), Crimson can be found in bed with a hot cup of tea by their side, sobbing over fanfiction (or maybe even writing it)

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  1. The more I look back, the more I realize how EPIC this show was! I too am in peasant mode, implying that my wallet is currently drier than a sack of salt. Set looks so awesome though! I got the email too and thought, dang FUNi, you really like pulling my leg, don’t you? I’ll probably by the standard edition sometime 🙂

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