Day 11 + 12: Summer and Best Friends!

Hey guys!

I noticed I totally blanked out on the music challenge yesterday so I’ve come by today to remedy this situation! Since I’m (really) behind I decided to post days 11 and 12 together! Honestly, I think both topics are very well suited for each other 😀

Let’s start with the first one: A song that reminds you of summer. For me summer isn’t exactly a fun and happy thing but I don’t want to put up some Korn or Disturbed-like music up here since it didn’t feel appropriate…so I’m going to go with what people usually think of summer so cheerful, cute, and fun music! But not too out there either, haha

So I ended up picking Rashisa (らしさ) by SUPER BEAVER, a.k.a. Barakamon‘s opening song!

I actually haven’t finished the series yet, it’s on my to-do list still but whenever I hear this song I think about the anime and how the MC was sent off to this beautiful place, practically communication-stranded and slightly unwilling. Reminds me of all those times I was sent off to Mexico for the whole summer haha.

But yes, I actually do think it’s a fun song and really cheerful (just look at that kids face, blinding!)

Song #2 

My next choice is actually a Spanish song that Shakira made for the FIFA World Cup in 2010! There’s actually an English version of this but I don’t particularly like it (or rather I don’t prefer it)…I think she sings better in Spanish (can’t understand a lot of her English songs).

Waka Waka (Esto es Africa/This Time for Africa) by Shakira

The reasons this song remind me of summer are more obvious than the anime song, haha. For one it talks about the FIFA World Cup, which took place in the summer so that’s got to count for something, right? It’s also about soccer,which is something I associate with good weather and sunshine and just people having fun (check, check, check!). And lastly, it’s talking about Africa and I associate Africa with really warm weather so that’s checked off the hellish heat of summer

Oh and this is random but Waka is part of a nickname I had back in highschool so there’s that fun, cheerful, and personal aspect with just the title 🙂

Song #3: Best friends 

Ok guys I’m going to get depressing here! Instead of picking a song that reminds me of a best friend, I’m going to pick songs that remind me of my family (because I’m a hermit and don’t have best friends). The first one will go to my brother since he’s an anime geek like me and there will be two songs. One of them anime related and the other video game related (I know, I just want to add more videos!).

Your Lie in April OST

My brother loves this anime so much that he’s been bugging me nonstop about finishing it but I just can’t bring myself to do it (because I know what’s going to happen and it frustrates me)! He even ordered the CD and plays it so many times (and because he ordered it I now have the songs too, some I enjoy others I don’t even notice are playing).

The next song is Warriors by Imagine Dragons

I was first introduced to this band by my brother so it’s kind of like ‘his music’ so anything Imagine Dragons automatically registers as my brother. Also, this video specifically was made for the League of Legends stuff he’s so into (he’s turned into a complete hermit and even made himself a gaming computer when he started liking this stuff).

Song #5 (or #17)

The next song will be a song that reminds me of my mom, the one person I am just stuck at the hip with! I wouldn’t call her my best friend since I don’t feel that close to her (I feel like a bestfriend has the closest view of what your true self would be and my mom’s not that person) but she is pretty close. There’s just some things you don’t tell your mom, haha!

Love The Way You Lie by Eminem ft. Rihanna

I was going to add a Spanish song here but I don’t really know what songs my mom likes in that realm…I avoid much Mexican music, not my thing. However, I do know she’s a big fan of upbeat music, which was my backup plan for this except that that’s subjective. Some things I think are upbeat she thinks are boring so yeah…failed there too.

In the end I went with something by Eminem because I know she likes his music and I remembered that there was this song with Rihanna, another artist she likes and I thought it was perfect. There’s nothing in the actual song that reminds me of her specifically.

OK! This was a long post with many songs! I hope you enjoyed them and tomorrow will follow the same format 😀

Songs start at 36 on the YouTube Playlist!


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