Day 9: Dance to the Beat

Hey guys! I’m back with some late night shenanigans~ (aka my very late post)

Today’s prompt is music that makes you want to dance! First off I’d like to say that I can’t dance to save my life. I know, I know, terrible right? People have attempted to teach me so many times before but I just can’t do it, it embarrasses me…but I used to dance, back when I was a wee youngling.

But yes, I have a few songs I’d like to share with you guys (because I really like this prompt). I’ll definately be adding a lot of extra links at the end and because I’ve already broken the rules in my last post I’ve done it again. This time I have two anime videos and two non-anime videos.

Please enjoy the music 🙂

First up is the opening for Tenjou Tenge! It’s called Bomb a Head by m.c.A·T

I watched this anime years ago with my brother, back when I still bought anime DVDs. I think we only watched what I own so about 6 episode? Never went back to finish it (I think it got boring) but I really like the song and listen to it every now and then.

Next up, the GANGSTA opening! It’s called Renegade by STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION

I’m actually holding off on this anime because I’ve heard some great stuff (I’ve read the manga so I know it’s good in terms of story)! And I don’t want to suffer more than what I am now, haha. I think I’m only following 3 series? It’s so exhausting really, I don’t know how people can wait a whole week for a new episode! But once it’s complete I’ll be binge watching this, kekeke

Part 2

Next up are some non-anime songs! The first one I’ll be showing isn’t anime related but I did find this song because of anime. The first is called Energetic and is by BoA, the person who did one of the Inuyasha ending songs (Every Heart)!

I really like her music 😀 Also really like the choreography in most of her videos (Eat You Up, I Did It For Love, Girls on Top, etc).

And for today’s last video I have a song I recently revisited called Sofi Needs a Ladder (MosDam Remix) by Deadmau5. I was randomly posting lyrics on Twitter the other day and this is one of the songs I quoted, haha.

Let’s play musical chairs one of my favorite games,

especially now that you and I have traded place

*taps right foot, bobs head, taps hands on thighs*

Haha, that’s as far as I’ll ever ‘dance,’ but yes that is all for today, I hope you guys enjoyed these upbeat and amazing songs! I actually have a bunch more I’d like to share but then this post would have no end!

Instead I made a YouTube playlist (this is when you know I’m bored) last night…or was it this very early morning?…called 30 Day Music Challenge (8/17 – 9/15) where I’ve added all the songs I’ve posted since day 1, including the videos I’ve left links for. You can find more songs that make me want to dance there! Tracks for that will start at 26

So far the only songs that aren’t on that playlist are the Aldnoah Zero OST, which you can listen to on SoundCloud.

Thanks for listening! Good night (or morning?) Updated 8/26


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