Day 8: Cry Me a River

Hey guys! I’m back, haha

It looks like I’ve started to lose track of the days. For some reason I thought today was Monday but then my brother was all like, no it’s Tuesday! Which is when I realized I was behind on this challenge again…I know, I’m sorry, haha

Today’s (or rather yesterday’s) prompt is a song that makes you cry.

To be honest, I feel like this prompt should be something like what song doesn’t make you cry! Because it feels like I’ll cry over a lot of songs. I’ll actually go ahead and pick an Aldnoah Zero song like I did for Day 4: A song that reminds you of something sad.

The song is called &Z and is by Hiroyuki Sawano[nZk]: mizuki.

This makes me shed sad tears because of everything that happened to Slaine!! Did you guys see when he broke down at the end in front of Inaho! ╥﹏╥ And how he’s supposedly dead, that he’s blamed for everything, that he’s locked up for life, and…and…why won’t people understand he was just trying to protect the princess?! I mean I know he did some crazy douchey things (shot Inaho, warring against Earth, raising up the ranks, killing Counts) but it was all for a good cause (not the shooting Inaho xD)! *sobs*

I think that ending is going to haunt me forever. 

And because I seem to be breaking the punctuality rule, what’s one more? I’ll be leaving you a second anime song! This one is from Vision of Escaflowne and is called Zaibach. The music from the series is composed by Yoko Kanno and Hajime Mizoguchi.

The reason this song makes me shed sad tears is because this song is used in the scene where Van has just recovered from his previous fight. He’d been on the verge of death and as soon as he’s better he charges into battle, ignoring how Hitomi and Merle are worried about him. He shoves them aside and heads straight into battle against Zaibach and their invisible gymelophs (sp?).

By this point Van has already figured out how to use Hitomi’s pendant trick to find his enemies and he’s killing everyone off, but then last minute he falters. The leader of the Zaibach group that attacked ends up escaping but Van gets sucked in by Escaflowne and it’s just super sad.

He had gone from not striking aggressively enough to not hesitating to kill all and any enemies.

Song #2

Now, for my non-anime related song! Instead of choosing a song that makes me cry because it reminds me of too many sad feels, I’m going to choose a song that makes me cry because that’s how much I don’t like it, HAHA.

So the song I’m going to choose is We Are One (Ole Ole) by Pitbull.

Apparently this is the song that was used for the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and I’m just cringing because, WHAT? There’s just something about it that I don’t like, it’s almost like it’s having trouble flowing together. Like a bumpy ride.

I actually liked Shakira’s better but oh well.

But yes! That is all for this crying category, I hope you enjoyed some of these songs 🙂 Hopefully I get back on track tonight, or at the latest tomorrow, haha. Later!


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