Day 7: Hold Dear to Me

Welcome back for day 7! Today’s prompt is a song that holds a lot of meaning to you

little-nemo-adventures-in-slumberland-2406-1I’m actually going to pick a song from Little Nemo Adventures in Slumberland! I actually watched this when I was a kid and never thought it was anime. In fact, I only just found out like…a few weeks ago? Yeah, I was totally surprised! I actually own this movie in VHS, it’s somewhere…

The movie is about a little boy who is taken to Slumberland on the night that a circus arrives in town. A man named Professor Genius comes in through his window (along with other members) to officially invite Nemo to Slumberland, courtesy of King Morpheus and Princess Camille, so that Nemo can be Camille’s playmate. While reluctant at first, Nemo ends up accepting the offer and is taken to Slumberland.

Here is the beginning song – Little Nemo by Melissa Manchester!

It’s a really nice movie and I know it’s been uploaded on YouTube, I highly recommend it! It’s an adventure movie where Nemo ends up coerced into opening a forbidden door that contains the Nightmare King by a green fellow named Flip, and then him having to take responsibility for his actions (saving King Morpheus and Slumberland).

Song #2 

And for my second song I have another non-English song! Actually, there’s a few of them and they’re all in different languages, haha. The reasons they’re meaningful to me are also very similar (more after the song), enjoy!

This one is called Tiempo de Vals by Chayanne!

This song is meaningful to me because it reminds me that I could have had a quinceanera (coming of age event for girls when they’re 15) but didn’t because I didn’t want to wear a dress. Then all my friends were having their parties and I suddenly wanted one. Of course, quinceaneras are super big events that require getting a communion (that I didn’t have and still don’t) and saving up a lot of money for preparations so I ended up not having one, boo.

It’s also a song with a lot of meaning to me because it reminds me of the pre-days of my first ever relationship(˶′◡‵˶)Because I really wanted a party we ended up doing a small joint one (celebrating my brothers and my birthday together, 3-in-1 kind of deal) so I ended up trying to learn how to dance this song with the help of my then HS crush. I failed to learn it though (can’t dance in general).

Other songs that have similar meanings to me

  • Quelqu’un m’a dit by Carla Bruni (introduced to me by the same guy as above after we started dating, he was studying French so he also helped me learn this song, I don’t think I ever got it right)
  • Pozwól Żyć by Gosia Andrzejewicz (before I met my first bf I liked this other guy that I always hung out with, I got this song and tried to get him to teach me, he said he couldn’t because it’s hard to tell what the lady is singing but he agreed to teach me some Polish words and sentences instead)

Tiempo de Vals and Quelqu’um m’a dit also carry some sadder feels because they’re directly related to my first boyfriend (who obviously isn’t my boyfriend anymore xD)

But yes, that is all for today! I tried to get this post in earlier since I don’t want to end up behind again! 😀 Hopefully you guys enjoyed the music, later!


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