Day 5: New Meanings

Hey guy~

If you noticed I am now a day behind in this challenge! So please expect two updates today 🙂

I’m trying to do this one in the morning and the other at night so there’s some time between the two, haha. So if you guys noticed in my introductory post, this is the day I’ve been dreading and the prompt is a song that has new meaning every time you hear it. I honestly don’t even know how this would be possible, especially if you listen to one song so many times! (I have my music on repeat a lot). That would mean I would have more than 50 interpretations to a single song?

So instead what I’ll do for the anime portion is choose any anime song and go find another meaning for it. And I don’t mean I’m going to analyze it. I’m just going to go look for the lyrics and if they say something totally different from what I thought the song was about then I’ll choose that song for this prompt.

That’s new meaning, right?

And thus I choose Yume no Shima Shinen Kouen, the opening song for Paranoia Agent! It’s by Susumu Hirasawa and means Dream Island Obsessional Park.

This song belongs to an anime I watched a long time ago that I’ve always associated with stress, escapism, and basically just crazy things because that’s what the anime was about. Just normal people being pressured by society and seeking a way of escape by making up imaginary perpetrators to their accidents. I actually don’t remember much about it but I do remember that the last few episodes take on a total fantasy look as one of the police people turns into a hero and he’s fighting monsters and yeah…it’s a bit crazy.

For some reason I thought the song would incorporate some of those elements, especially since the music and vocals are a bit bizarre (not to mention the video), but the lyrics are a bit calmer. There are mentions of nature, a person out at the park, birds feeding, and hope for a sunny tomorrow. It has a very ‘in the moment’ feel that really contrasts with the fast pace of the music.

I would definitely say the anime is worth checking out.

Song #2

Surprisingly, I was able to think of a song for this one! For this one I’m going to go the route that Takuto took, which was going from dislike to love. In my case it wasn’t exactly dislike, I’d probably just call it indifference to dude this is amazing.

The song I choose is Elastic Heart by Sia!

I first encountered this song on the radio, probably heard it while going to school one day and I didn’t think much of it. Then one day my brother showed me the video for it and asked me what I thought about it, what themes came to mind after watching it. The first thing that I thought of was performance art but because I don’t really have much knowledge in that area (I’m a studio art major and the only performance artists I know is Marina Abramovic and she’s pretty intense) I wasn’t sure if I was categorizing it correctly.

Other things I thought of was animals (like trying to get close to one), being trapped, and a transfer of personality. Turns out there was some big issue over the video showing pedophilia, which is what my brother was trying to get at. They were discussing it in their class. So whenever I think about this song I tie in my initial thoughts, the pedophilia controversy, and what the supposed meaning of this video is (what’s been argued: warring states of Sia, father/daughter relationship, mental illnesses, werewolf).

But yes, that is all for day 5, written on day 6! 🙂


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