Day 4: Loads of Feels

Oh my god I’m still bleeding over Aldnoah Zero so this prompt will get a big fat A/Z sticker!!

Today’s prompt is a song that reminds you of something sad

And the song I choose is the insert song No Differences from the A/Z OST I bought a while back. It’s composed by Hiroyuki Sawano and in the show this song is played in episodes 14, 21, and 23!

I’ve been playing it nonstop everyday and I’m surprised I’ve yet to get sick of hearing it…but basically this song is just, every time I listen to it I’m filled with great sadness over the fact that Slaine has to suffer so much and that he was essentially stripped of everything! (I’m listening to this as I write this post). If only the war hadn’t happened, if only someone would have noticed, if only he had been an ally!

Look around the world

So what are we fighting for

Can I ask you, why the sky is blue? 

There’s no difference you and me

But don’t you know 

There are people crying everyday!

But yes, this song just always reminds me of Slaine and he’s one of those characters that I love and just want to cuddle because he’s been through some bad stuff. All he wanted was to protect the Princess, for her to be safe and happy, why couldn’t she see that? (Yesterday my brother was asking me some questions he got from the anime reddit and one of them was a character that is misunderstood, I answered with Slaine haha, then he was like he was not misunderstood -_-

As for the ‘video’ I’ve left, I couldn’t find the song on YouTube, only covers and nightcore (?) versions. But I managed to find the whole CD plus Keep on Keeping on on SoundCloud so yes, enjoy~ (Everyone can listen to the music right? This is my first time really delving into SoundCloud, even though I’ve had an account for a while now)

As for other songs that make me sad, there’s a lot! I’d almost argue that all these songs are sad to me in this CD because they remind me of A/Z and there’s a lot of sad stuff in there that I’m still suffering over.

Oh, and I’ll mention one specifically – MKalieZ (。•́︿•̀。)

Song #2

Ok! For this category I’m going to pick a song that isn’t anime related but that I associate with anime because my first encounter with it had to do with Hetalia! It’s actually a French song so I have no idea what the lyrics say (I’ve never really had the interest to look up what’s going on) but the sound of the music just makes me feel sad. For some reason it makes me think of a man (because of the title) just at home somewhere thinking about his past and wondering what the future may bring about.

Je suis un Homme by Zazie

While looking for this video I had a few surprises. One was that the artist is female (it totally sounds like a man?) and the other is that there’s quite a few translations. This website I’m leaving here has 4 different translations, which seem to diverge near the middle. And since I know no French, I can’t really say a certain version is the one…haha

But yes! That is all for day 4, I hope you enjoyed some of this music and that it inspires you to go check out some anime (hint, hint)


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  1. I still bleed over A/Z. Slaine was pretty misunderstood, and maybe there’s was some sort of hero cliche message in there. I’ll have to go find that song and give it a listen, as I do remember a song like you described being in the anime.

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