Day 3: Laughing out Loud?

I feel like I just binge posted even though this is technically the only post I’ve written from scratch today (๑→‿←๑)

But yes, today’s Music prompt is a song that makes you laugh. Originally I had mentioned this would be an easy challenge and that I’d be planning ahead just in case, but now I’m not so sure. I mean, I am planning ahead but this is turning out to be harder than I thought!

Last night I actually stayed up until past 2am because I couldn’t figure out what to post for this prompt (surprisingly I’m not that exhausted considering I only slept 4-ish hours). But it’s also because of this prompt that I got to revisit a lot of great anime soundtracks! In the end I got nothing though. I couldn’t find anything because it’s hard to find something funny when you can’t even understand what’s going on, like, what’re the lyrics even saying? 

Instead, I’ll leave you with a song (and group) that I will always associate with giggles and exclamations and LOLz. And that is The Pillows! And the song I decided for this post is Ride on Shooting Star from Fooly Cooly‘s ending.

I actually picked this video specifically just to show the crazy things that go on in this anime. It’s been ages since I last watched it and just rewatching some clips last night reminded me why I love this (because it’s crazy!). It’s only 6 episodes long if anyone’s interested, I know I am (need to rewatch soon).

Song #2 

The one thing that made the anime choice hard is what made this one easy. So a while back (like years maybe), I was playing this song in the kitchen and my brother walks in, gets some stuff to eat and starts to walk away. Before he leaves though, he mentions that the song I was playing was interesting and not in a good way. Something about the message being inspirational (he was being sarcastic).

And then I replayed the song and had to face-palm. I hadn’t been paying attention to the lyrics and had just been listening to it because it sounded nice. Now whenever I hear that song or whenever I think about it I can’t help but laugh because yeah, I like to get high~

I found it!! I didn’t know what it was called and it wasn’t on my spotify account anymore but I found it!

Ok, here it is – I Get High by David Guetta ft. Soter (๑´ㅂ`๑)

I don’t listen to this song anymore but I won’t say it doesn’t sound nice because it does (if you omit the lyrics) haha!

For this category I’d also say these are funny:

Basically anything with funny lyrics or funny videos 🙂


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