2015 Manga Reading Challenge

Hey guys~ I noticed my blog was in dire need of some manga loving and I thought I’d remedy this by accepting a Manga Reading Challenge on MAL (run by Tsuyokunaru), just to make things a bit interesting. For those interested in the challenge, it runs until the end of the year (start date can be whenever) and out of a list of 35 prompts, contestants are to choose 25 and read manga. The limit of 25 prompts is absolute, and you’re technically not considered part of the participants until you choose only 25 prompts.

Also, when you choose a manga to read you have to commit to reading everything that’s out. If you read scanlations, read all the scanlations available or if you read the paperback copies you read what’s out so far. Simple no?

Except that I didn’t like the 25 prompt limit so I decided to bring the challenge over here and unofficially do all of them! There is no required order for this so I’ll be jumping around and my goal is to decrease the number of unread manga books I have so chances are I own a lot of these books!

I’ll rearrange the list depending on what prompts I finish first and I’ll leave the titles of the manga I plan to read (these may change). A lot of the manga I’ve listed I haven’t read and if I know something it’s probably very little so if I find they fit another category better I’ll swap them. Anything in the completed sections means I finished reading it, post links will be added once I write something up (I read faster than I write, haha)

Manga recommendations would be awesome (especially if a prompt is still missing a title) Feel free to join in on the fun! 😀

Start Date: 8/17/15

My Manga List


  • Read a manga that has a one-word title (Croquis)
  • Read a manga where the MC’s gender is opposite to the intended demographic (yaoi: Liberty Liberty)
  • Read a manga that became a prototype for a longer running series (The Miyama-Uguisu Mansion Incident by Kazue Kato)
  • Read a web-manga (Always Raining Here by Hazel + Bell)
  • Read a manga with a target demographic that can apply to you (yaoi: Little Butterfly)
  • Read a slice of life OR comedy manga (Comedy: A Capable Man)
  • Read a manga about music (Yoru to Asa no Uta)
  • Read a manga published after the 90s (Nekoka Kareshi no Ayashikata)


  • Read a manga about food (Food Wars)
  • Read a manhwa (Bride of the Water God)
  • Re-read a manga (Blue Exorcist)
  • Read a manga that starts with the letter of your username (Clan of the Nakagamis)
  • Read a manga adapted from a different source (Aldnoah Zero)
  • Read a manga about war (Aldnoah Zero Gaiden: Twin Gemini)
  • Read a manga that has been adapted to live action (Hana Kimi)
  • Read a manga that a friend on MAL rated as 10 (Nightshade: After School Nightmare)
  • Read a manga with a score of or above 8.5 on MAL (Pandora Hearts, 8.69)
  • Read a manga with a target demographic that doesn’t apply to you (Shounen: Bloody Monday)
  • Read a manga that is tagged with a genre you dislike (Sci-Fi: Karneval)
  • Read a horror, sci-fi OR fantasy manga (Fantasy: Are You Alice?)
  • Read a manga where the main character is a professional in his field (A Murmur of the Heart)
  • Read a compilation by different authors (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion – Knight, Official Anthology for Girls)
  • Read a debut manga (La Esperanca)
  • Read a manga by your favorite author/artist (Black Rose Alice by Setona Mizushiro)
  • Read a manga published before the 90s (Earthian, 1988)
  • Read a manga with a score of or below 7 on MAL (Crown of Love, 6.52)
  • Read a manga that doesn’t focus on romantic relationships (Zetsuen no Tempest)
  • Read a one-shot (Leaves of the Deep Blue Tree)
  • Read a manga with children in it (Barakamon)
  • Read an award winning work (Kodansha Manga Award: Air Gear)
  • Read a manga another user has used for this challenge (Our Happy Time from Pokeit’s List
  • Read a manhua (19 Days)

Still Searching

  • Read a manga by Osamu Tezuka
  • Read a manga that you can relate to yourself
  • Read a manga recommended to you by another participant

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