Day 2: Clearing your mind

Today’s prompt is: A song that helps you clear your head. 

I think this is one of the hardest prompts in the list for this challenge because music for me is (for the most part) just background noise. If I’m not actively listening and singing to a song then I’m ignoring it. A song that helps clear your head sounds like it would lay between these two ends, which I don’t think I experience? (At least not often enough to actually notice I experience it)

So I’ll choose a song that I wouldn’t mind playing while I try to go to sleep or when I’m doing homework. Usually these songs are instrumentals, or have either very little music or very few lyrics.

My anime pick will be Vogel Im Käfig from Attack on Titan.

As a warning this is an intense song with an intense video so be prepared for intense feelings, and it’s okay to get teary eyed at the end *sniff* I know I did. That’s also why I probably wouldn’t watch the video with this song if I’m trying to keep calm, haha

The vocalist is Cyua, lyrics done by Rie, and is composed by Hiroyuki Sawano!

Another song that I last minute thought of was Into the Another World by Yoko Kanno, part of the Arjuna OST which I totally recommend checking out! Actually, now that I think about it, that anime has some rather spiritual songs…should probably go back myself, haha. Arjuna is also one of those first few animes I checked out when I was getting into anime (it’s about humans and the destruction of the Earth) 

Song #2

I think anything by Frau Frau – Imogen Heap (vocalist is the same for both) is something I’d play. She has this really calming voice and put on low volume her music almost sounds like a lullaby.

Here I leave Neglected Space by Imogen Heap

I couldn’t choose between this one and Little Bird but I ended up picking this one because it’s quieter and the video is interesting (and then I started listening to her other songs and wanted to put them up here too…haha).

And that is all for day 2! Please check out both YouTube channels above if you liked. Until tomorrow~


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