English Dub for GANGSTA [PV]

Hey guys, here’s another dub preview~ This time for the very lovely GANGSTA anime ^_^

I’ll leave my impression near the end but I am biased towards what I listen to first (which was the Japanese in this case). Not only that but it’s been almost forever since I last watched the dub of a series >.<

Source: FUNimation (check out their post to learn more about scheduling. I believe the first episode is scheduled to air today at 9:00/8:00 CT? Something like that, I’m new to the whole Broadcast Dub stuff. I do believe you have to have their All Access Subscription to watch it asap though…which I don’t have haha)



Ian Sinclair as Worick Arcangelo

Brandon Potter as Nicolas Brown

Felecia Angelle as Alex Benedetto

John Swasey as Chad Adkins

Aaron Roberts as Cody Balfour 


Christopher Bevins – ADR Director

Jeremy Inman – Asst. ADR Director

Domonique French – ADR Engineer

Greg Taylor – Asst. ADR Engineer

Phillip Jones – Asst. ADR Engineer

Jared Hedges – Lead Writer

My Thoughts: I really like how the cop sounds though what he said about dicking around threw me off. I’m not sure if I wasn’t expecting the words or the voice…haha. I could probably get used to Worrick once I hear it a bit more, but right now he just sounds weird to me, probably because of the constant change in his voice. Like he starts off being playful Hey hey Chadster~ , which sounds kind of funny (not necessarily the words but his voice). After that I was like, ok, because it sounded better when he was just talking normally but then his voice changed again after Nick talked and I’m just not sure anymore what his voice is supposed to sound like.

Nick…well, I think he talks too fast and well for someone who isn’t supposed to speak on a regular basis.

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