Loveless [Ch4]: Yayoi finally goes on a date with Yuiko and it’s tragic

Chapter 4

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Yayoi quickly combed through his long hair, making sure that each strand was in place and silky. Today was going to be the day of his life, and he could tell that things were going to go great! Especially since Yuiko had sought him out the day before at school. He put on a very well ironed shirt that wasn’t baggy like his other shirts. This one was a navy blue button up that fit him well and was neither baggy nor tight. He even double wiped his glasses and put on one of his new pair of pants.

His mother had brought them about a month ago, telling him to wear them for a party they had been invited to but he had refused to and went in his usual baggy attire. His mother had scolded him the minute they had returned home. He hadn’t really fought much but he did tell her he would use them on a special occasion, and what about today didn’t scream special occasion?

He felt his heart skip a beat as he remembered the day before.

He was going to head over to the library to get some work finished. Ms. Shinonome had assigned them a project and depending on the students, working with a partner or alone was an option. He had decided to work alone. He sighed dejectedly as he could just imagine Ritsuka and Yuiko working together.

He sighed again, only to perk up his ears, “Yayoi-san!”

Was he dreaming? He turned around, his hands filled with books and a big poster board, and Yuiko was running down the hallway, calling out to him, “Yayoi-san!”

He couldn’t help but admire her beauty and how she could just light up a room with her face and buxom figure. He blushed as she reached him. She was out of breath and had to bend at the waist and place her hands on her knees to catch her breath. He was rooted to his spot.

Y-Yuiko-san, what is it?” he asked. He could feel his tail moving as he realized that he was rather happy.

Are you busy tomorrow?” surely his face was enough of a rival for her red blouse. He shook his head, afraid that his voice wouldn’t come out exactly as he would like.

Great!” she exclaimed, her eyes shining with possibilities “Would you like to go to the amusement park?”

He gulped. Was she asking him on a…date? He could clearly remember the day she had rejected him because he wasn’t taller than her and now she was asking him to go out on a date! He nodded furiously, “Y-Yes! It would be a pleasure!”

She smiled happily and his heart skipped a beat, “Great, I’ll meet you at the station at two, okay?”

He could feel his hands shake and his books almost tumble over but he held on, “Yes, of course, tomorrow at 2.”

It was still rather early to be heading over but he couldn’t help the excitement that was almost jumping out of him. This was his lucky day! Surely with just those few hours at the amusement park Yuiko would see that the love he had for her was real and pure and all mighty. She would surely fall for his looks and charm and they would be together and Ritsuka would be out of the picture. He could just feel that something good was going to happen today!

About fifteen minutes later he was out the door and heading for the station. He was whistling a little tune while waiting for the cross walk to turn green for the pedestrians. Meanwhile his eyes began to wander through the crowd of people. Really, there were quite a few girls out here and as he watched them he couldn’t help but compare them to Yuiko and her perfectness. They were nothing compared to her clumsy charm or womanly body. He admitted she was easy to fool but even that was attractive, and her height? Who cared that she was slightly taller than most girls? He didn’t care.

He felt someone push him slightly; “Out of the way kid.”

He blinked as he watched the suit clad man power walking down the street. His eyes turned towards the light and he ran as the light was about to change to red once more. Once he reached the other side of the walkway he took a deep breath of air.

“That didn’t go as expected,” he muttered.

He was about to head over to the station when something caught his eye. He turned over to the couple that was walking down the street in the opposite direction. His eyes narrowed. There was something familiar about the shorter figure. He tried leaning out slightly to see who it was. His mouth fell open when he realized it was Ritsuka, which meant that the tall blonde must have been that Soubi guy!

He didn’t really know who Soubi was but Yuiko had mentioned him a couple of times. He could clearly remember when she had told him that he had gone over to her house and cooked some food for them all, Ritsuka included. He couldn’t help the jealousy he had felt and the way his heart had been breaking. He had wanted to be there and experience all the things she did. He also knew that Ritsuka was rather close to him because he was friends with his older brother when he was alive.

He had always seen him over at the school, waiting at the gate and it seemed like Ms. Shinonome also had something to do with the mysterious tall figure. If he remembered correctly Soubi had also been the one who gave Ritsuka the cellphone he now carried around. It was a strange relationship, the one they had.

He bumped right into a pole.

He winced and rubbed at his face. No! All the time he had taken to make sure he looked perfect had been ruined by one moment of distraction! He cursed the fact he had even been interested in watching the two, but something was calling him, curiosity perhaps, as to why they were here. He turned back around and watched them go into a café. He stood to the side and checked his watch. He was still early…

He walked back and crossed the street in order to get to where they were at. The café was rather packed with groups of friends and there was no place for Ritsuka or Soubi to sit. Instead, they were leaned up against a wall. Yayoi watched Soubi. He was rather tall and had long blonde hair. He had it down and it reached a few inches past his shoulders. His glasses were balanced on his nose and made him look rather professional. Like himself, Soubi wore a button down but his own was a deeper color. A more velvet maroon and his pants were black while his own had been a lighter shade of blue..

Ritsuka, on the other hand, wore more casual clothes. He had on blue jeans that looked rather short on him. He couldn’t help but compare them to capris. Instead of his usual long sleeved shirt, this time Ritsuka wore a short sleeved crème colored shirt that had red borders and a red collar. There was gauze wrapped around his left arm and he couldn’t help but wonder what had happened. In fact, he also had a bandage on his left cheek and one on his right arm. You could barely see that one but every time he shifted part of it peeked out from under his sleeve.

It really made him curious as to why he had so many injuries. It was the first time he had seen Ritsuka without a baggy sweater or long sleeves.

Ritsuka was leaning on Soubi while Soubi was leaning on the wall. His arms were around Ritsuka’s smaller frame and he couldn’t help but blush slightly as he noticed Soubi move his face closer to Ritsuka’s own. Soubi’s hair fell to cover their faces slightly but he was saying something to Ritsuka. He could see his lips moving and then Ritsuka’s scowl but he could tell he wasn’t really angry if his tail had anything to say about it.

There was a tap on his shoulder and he jumped, spluttering, “I wasn’t spying!”

He turned to face a rather confused waiter, “Excuse me sir…but are you going to go inside? There’s a no loitering policy.”

Inside? If he went inside they would surely see him! He checked his watch and paled. If he didn’t get going now he wouldn’t make it to his date with Yuiko! He apologized, “Sorry, no, have to run.”

He looked around to see if Yuiko was there already. He had made it to the station and caught the train before it left him, which barely gave him enough time for a breather once he arrived. In just five minutes he would be seeing Yuiko and all her cute glory. Would she be wearing a dress? It had been a while since he had last seen her wear one but she had been really cute. Actually, it had been quite a few years. It was during the time when her parents would dress her up and they were both in first grade, six years ago. Now, when she wore anything that even resembled a dress she would wear tight jeans or shorts under.

“Yayoi-san!” he turned at her call and looked her over. She was beautiful.

She wasn’t wearing a dress but she was wearing a salmon blouse that…he gulped…was rather low. It billowed out slightly around her belly and went to about mid-thigh. She wore dark blue shorts under, which, he noticed, could almost disappear under her blouse. She had a bag hanging from her back and her cute pink hair was in braided pigtails. She had two bracelets on her right wrist and he could clearly see her creamy arms and legs.

The only thing that looked slightly out of place on her combination was the green army designed cap she had on her head. It didn’t look bad but it did catch his attention.

“Yuiko-san,” he began, “you look b-beautiful.”

“Thank you, you don’t look too bad yourself,” she paused and he watched as her cheeks brightened a bit, “Let’s go in!”

He nodded as she grabbed his hand and pulled them along. Her hand was warm and as he ran behind her he couldn’t help but smell the strawberry mango shampoo she had surely used. Perhaps she had been as nervous as he was? It looked like she had really put in some thought into what she was wearing.

As they entered the amusement park he couldn’t help but remember the last time he had been to one. The last time it had been like a field trip and even Ms. Shinonome had accompanied them. He also remembered that there had been some uninvited guests a few hours into their fun, which hadn’t been so bad. In fact, it had been rather fun and he had been able to see Yuiko in a kimono.

They didn’t move to the rides as soon as they entered, like he had hoped. Instead, they began walking around. Yuiko was still holding onto his hand and she was also the one leading. They didn’t really seem to have any particular destination from what he could see. Instead, it looked like she was looking around for something. He tried to see if she would tell him what it was. Perhaps he could help her find it. Instead of answering him she stopped abruptly in front of a hotdog and popcorn stand. He blinked. They had passed about three of these already.

He looked up at the menu to see if there was something particularly interesting about this but there was nothing different from this stand and the next, “Yuiko-san?”

She smiled at him before asking for a hotdog. He followed her lead and did the same. The stand had a side table where you could add ketchup, mustard, and radish if you wanted. He walked over and added some ketchup and radish to his hotdog. He looked over at Yuiko but she wouldn’t turn around when he called, “Yuiko-san, what’s wrong?”

She shook her head, “Nothing, uhm, can you pass me the ketchup?”

He did so and watched as she squirted only slightly onto her hotdog. As she munched on it he couldn’t help but think she looked rather cute. He was stunned once more by the way she was and, of course, didn’t realize his mess until she giggled and pointed at his shirt, “Some ketchup fell on your shirt.”

He blushed and was about to reach for a napkin when Yuiko wiped the ketchup clean off his shirt and smiled, “Mama says you have to wipe it off quickly, otherwise it will stain, and carefully unless you want it to smear.”

“Thank you…Yuiko-san,” he said. She finally turned and began walking but he couldn’t help but touch at the place where Yuiko had cleaned off the ketchup. It had felt…rather close and he couldn’t help but picture her as his wife.

He practically drooled at the sight of her wearing an apron and spoon feeding him. He would have probably continued daydreaming if she didn’t pull on his arm. In fact, this time they had their arms locked. He couldn’t believe this! They really did look like a couple! He couldn’t help but tighten his lock with her arm and she turned to him, a blush on her cheeks. She didn’t move away, which was heavenly to him but they did continue walking, and once more it looked like she wasn’t paying attention to all of the stalls.

He finished his hotdog, “Uh, Yuiko-san, where are we going?”

She folded the paper tray where her hotdog had been served and pointed over to where she was looking. He looked over and almost called out to the two people a few stalls ahead of them but Yuiko clamped his mouth with her hand, “Shhh!”

He couldn’t think right, that was all. Her hand was on his face and he could smell the vanilla lotion she must have used this morning, or even before she left her house to come and see him. It was an intoxicating smell that left him putty in her hands, literally but her distracted eyes brought him back to reality and he removed her hand. It took all his willpower, “Why are we…following them?”

That was surely what they were doing, right? He paused as Yuiko began to walk forward when they did, “Did you have this in mind since yesterday?”

She beckoned him over a few stalls down and she confirmed his answer, “I’m sorry, but I didn’t know who else to bring with me.”

He felt his heart break as he realized that she had indeed planned this out. It was about Ritsuka again! He felt like clawing at something but he also felt paralyzed in his place, as if he had just turned to stone. Yuiko must have noticed his frozen state, “Yayoi-san? Are you angry?”

He shook his head. Of course he wasn’t. He would never be angry at her, even when she had rejected him on that one fateful day, “But I did want Yayoi-san to accompany me. You’re one of my best friends, along with Ritsuka-kun.”

Of course he had to be paired along with Ritsuka. Why couldn’t he be her one and only best friend? He had known her longer than Ritsuka ever had, but Ritsuka still received the better side of Yuiko’s charm. What could he do? Leave her on her own on this Ritsuka stalking trip? No, something could happen to her, especially when she was dressed the way she was. Then he nodded as he realized her army cap had been deliberately placed atop her pretty head.

“Why are you,” he paused, trying to find a word other than stalking but couldn’t find one, “stalking Ritsuka?”

She turned to him with a sad smile, “Soubi-san likes Ritsuka-kun.”

Before he could, once more exclaim, Yuiko had him clamped up and he whispered, “What?”

She nodded, “And I think…Ritsuka-kun also feels the same way towards Soubi-san, just that he doesn’t know how to express himself.”

He nodded, but that still didn’t explain why they were there, looking over them. He voiced his concerns, “Uhm, I don’t know. I just wanted to make sure that what I saw was real and that Soubi-san doesn’t hurt Ritsuka-kun.”

She pouted and began to twirl her fingers together. She was practically pleading with him so that he wouldn’t leave. He sighed. Really, the things he did for this wonderful, angelic being was out of this world but he could understand. She was probably feeling the way he was when he would watch her interact so closely with Ritsuka. It wasn’t a feeling that he wanted her to have but it wasn’t like he could change things. The only thing he could do was be with her in her time of sadness.

Five rides later and four meals later left Yayoi with a body that didn’t even want to move to the next stall, unless, of course, it was a bathroom. It was already night time and the sun had set a while ago. All the lights had been turned on and he couldn’t help but notice how everything looked much more ethereal, especially Yuiko. Her skin practically glowed with the different color lights and instead of feeling like she was weighed down by a ton of rocks, Yuiko looked even more energetic than before.

He had lost sight of the couple a few rides into the amusement park but he was sure they weren’t far from them, especially if Yuiko was keeping an eye on the two of them. He grabbed Yuiko’s hand and couldn’t help but smile at her laughter at being caught. They had been racing, to see who would exit the ride, a roller coaster, first, and she had won but he had also caught her on her way out.

He couldn’t help but notice that they were having fun, even if he knew her true motives. They both stopped to take in some much needed air, especially him. In fact, a break to the bathroom would sound really nice to his over the top filled stomach, “Let’s go on the Ferris Wheel next!”

He looked over to the giant wheel and gulped. The last time he had been in there was when Ms. Shinonome had come with them. That day was also the day that he had seen Yuiko and Ritsuka kiss…he blushed at the image he had seen that one day. It had left him broken and with a hoarse voice, after all of his calling, “Uhm, you go line up, I need to go to the bathroom…”

Yuiko smiled, “Don’t take too long!”

She ran off to the line before anyone else could beat her to it and he headed for the bathroom. It seemed his junk food filled belly was no longer worried about spilling over food, but butterflies. Really, he knew that she didn’t feel that way towards him. He was sure now that he knew why she had brought him here, but his feelings wouldn’t just go away. They hadn’t gone away the day he was rejected, they hadn’t gone away during the time he had seen her with Ritsuka, and they wouldn’t go away now, knowing he was just someone that she had decided to bring along on her chase for Ritsuka.

He washed his face with cold water. Ferris Wheels were for couples that were in love and once they reached the top, where everything was visible, they would kiss. He felt his cheeks burn as an image of Yuiko and him kissing was brought to the forefront of his mind. He had only held her hand and they had been very soft. He could only imagine her lips but even then the feeling felt too fake.

His heart skipped a beat.

When he met up with Yuiko, Yayoi was feeling a bit better. He was still nervous and seeing her closer to the font only made it a bit more nerve wracking. He needed something to take his mind off of his Yuiko filled mind, “So…where are Ritsuka and Soubi-san?”

She leaned to the side ever so slightly and nodded towards the front of the line. He looked over and right in front of them were the two. In fact, it looked like they were next in line for a ride. He watched as the ride was stopped, a couple was let out, and both Soubi and Ritsuka were allowed inside. Soubi went in after Ritsuka and he couldn’t help but wonder why Ritsuka looked a bit…flustered.

If what Yuiko had told him was true…then perhaps he felt the same way he was feeling now. He couldn’t help but think about this now. He had always believed that Ritsuka had feelings for Yuiko but perhaps he had only ever seen Yuiko’s feelings. Ever since Ritsuka came along other people had been popping by at the school, like the two kids from before. He never did find out who they were but he could see that there was something going on between Ritsuka and them.

And, well, Ritsuka had never seemed the type to like Soubi. He could recall a time when they had been helping Ms. Shinonome clean up. Ms. Shinonome had been gazing out of the window and when they happened upon her she had mentioned Soubi. Ritsuka had just brushed him off but Yuiko had told him about how close the two were. It seemed a bit odd.

There was a tug at his sleeve, “Come on, it’s our turn!”

He watched as Yuiko entered the ride and he followed after. He sat opposite her instead of next to her. He couldn’t look at her. He was too nervous and he was sure that if he did, his eyes would stray to her pink lips, so instead he began to look at the other compartments to see if he could spot Ritsuka and Soubi. That had been their goal, right?

It didn’t take him much to find them. They were in the compartment across from them. He could see them but only when they were above or at the same height. Right now they were hovering over the couple and he couldn’t help but gape. Ritsuka was straddling Soubi! He was sure his glasses even tilted to the side. Yuiko had been right, there was something going on between them! He couldn’t help the curiosity that boiled in him. He wanted to know what was going on.

They seemed rather immersed in each other, or at least Soubi did. He couldn’t really see Ritsuka’s expression until he looked to the side. He was blushing and had a slight furrow on his brows. Was he upset? Soubi didn’t look upset. In fact, he looked amused. They were about to disappear from his view but before they did Yayoi saw them lean into each other and kiss.

“That’s so pretty!” his gaze shifted and he noticed that Yuiko was too busy looking out at the now lightened up sky. The sky was filled with lights and as the seconds passed, more filled the sky.

“Yuiko-san…” she hadn’t seen what he had, he was sure.

Instead, she was too busy looking out into the sky and he couldn’t help but feel his gaze soften at the girl he loved. She turned towards him and he wasn’t surprised to see a few tears gleaming in her eyes. He knew what they were from but he was also sure she hadn’t seen the display he had, otherwise she would probably be worse. She sat with her hands on her knees.

“Yayoi-san,” she began, “I’m sorry for everything. I know I haven’t been very nice about your feelings, and I’m just only realizing how much I’ve hurt you.”

This had been the first time that Yuiko had ever spoken to him in such a manner. Not even when she was rejecting him did she speak like this. When she rejected him she had started bawling right after she had said she couldn’t date shorter guys. Now, however, she looked and sounded more grown up. He couldn’t help but feel sad because the reason she was like this was because her heart had been shattered.

“Please, forgive me,” before he could even utter a single word she had trapped him and had her lips plastered to his own.

He couldn’t move as he felt her light kiss. Her lips were much softer than what he had imagined and sweet as well, but there was a taste to them. There was sadness even in her kiss and as he opened his eyes he noticed a tear drop from her eyes and down her cheeks. He hadn’t liked Ritsuka at the beginning of their friendship because he thought Ritsuka was trying to take Yuiko away, but even now that he was hurting Yuiko he couldn’t become angry.

Ritsuka had found someone he loved and both Yuiko and he were just two people that had fallen for the wrong person.

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